6 Tips & Tricks for Kindle Paperwhite

Got a new Kindle Paperwhite? It's packed with features and options to help you personalize the device, but some of them are not as obvious. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your Kindle.

1. Save the battery.

Is the battery draining too fast on your Kindle Paperwhite? Turn off the wireless by switching it to Airplane mode when you don't need it. Just go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode.

2. Remove recommended content.

Don't need suggestions from Amazon for books you might like? Remove it from your home screen by going to Menu > Settings > Device Options > Personalize Your Kindle > Recommended Content.

3. Take screenshots.

Wish you could save a page or image on your Kindle? You can. Just tap opposite corners of the Kindle screen at the same time. Either top left / bottom right or top right / bottom left combinations will work for taking screenshots. Connect your Kindle to a computer using a USB cable to download the screenshots.

4. Keep it private.

Don't want anyone snooping through the content on your Kindle to see what you're reading? Set a passcode by navigating to Settings > Device Options > Device Passcode: Enter Passcode. Then confirm the passcode and select OK. Now what you read is your business and only your business.

5. Choose your own font size.

There's no need to squint when you're reading on a Kindle. Just increase the font size by making a "spread" gesture with your fingers. To make the font smaller and fit more words on a single page, "pinch" the screen with your fingers to decrease the font size by one.

6. Free up more space.

Done with an ebook and want to remove it from your Kindle? You can free up space for new ebooks by navigating to Device, tapping on the ebook you want to remove, and selecting Remove from Device.

Case for Kindle Paperwhite

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