Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini for Reading

It used to be that you only had a few choices when it came to choosing an e-reader. With media technology crossing platforms, however, more consumers are using their e-readers for browsing the Internet and using their tablets for reading digital books.
If you're trying to choose between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini for reading, here are some of the pros and cons of each tablet.

Screen Size

Let's take a look at screen size first. The Kindle Fire HD is available in two screen sizes: 7 inch and 8.9 inch, which gives you a choice depending on how compact you want the device to be or how large you want the reading area to be.
The iPad Mini is available with a 7.9 inch screen size—a happy medium between the two Kindle Fire models.
The choice here depends mostly on your preferences. Would you rather have a smaller device with less room on the screen or a larger device with more screen space?


Although the the iPad Mini boasts high quality color reproduction and wide viewing angles, it can't compare to the Kindle Fire HD when it comes to reading. The 1920x1200-pixel resolution on the Fire displays vibrant, highly contrasted text and videos for an unsurpassed media experience. The iPad Mini, on the other hand, can feel a bit blurry in comparison when it comes to text, pictures, and videos.


Both the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini come with plenty of options for decking out your tablet with accessories. We recommend starting off with a case for Kindle Fire or an iPad Mini case if you're an avid reader. The book case for Kindle Fire and iPad Mini adds a touch of nostalgia to your reading experience.


The Kindle Fire HD offers full access to Amazon's app store. Amazon Prime members can access free content through the lending library and get instant video streaming for popular movies and TV episodes.
The iPad Mini offers full access to Apple's app store, which is more robust than Amazon's but comes with a slightly higher price tag. Overall, the iPad Mini wins out on apps, since it includes a whole collection of high-quality, useful apps designed specifically for the iPad Mini. Also, if you store all your music in iTunes, you won't be able to access it on the Kindle Fire.


When it comes to performance, the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini are on fairly level footing. Although the Kindle Fire is a bit slower when it comes to watching movies, playing games, and browsing the web, Amazon claims that the dual antennas on the Kindle Fire make the Wi-Fi up to 40% faster, which comes in handy if you do a lot of streaming.


The Kindle Fire HD is cheaper than the iPad Mini, hands down. If price is your main factor, you're better off with the Kindle Fire. Plus, you can snag a few Kindle Fire accessories with the money you save, like a Kindle case. The superior resolution for reading is also a bonus if you're mainly using your device for books and magazines.
If you want the ecosystem and content capability of the iPad Mini, the extra cost is worth it. Apps, games, movies, TV, and music are less restricted on the iPad Mini—including all of the books and magazines available from Amazon through the Kindle app.

Case for Kindle and iPad Mini

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