Juxtapositions, Contradictions and laundry.

At Pad & Quill we are ramping up for the holiday season amidst the excitement of the new iPhone 5's and the much anticipated release of iPad Air. In a typical release cycle, Mr. PQ sketches out copy with our marketing department and shoots it to me for editorial review and revision. My apologies to my fellow grammar autocrats, there might be a few misses in the copy soon to be released. (There might also be a little coupon love for those who help me out, message us on Facebook with your insights.)

The other part of the process is working with our amazing photographers to capture our products in a way that convinces our customers you have smell-a-vision. You can’t walk into a Pad & Quill brick and mortar store, but CT Ryan Photography get’s you pretty darn close. Yesterday we shot in a remarkable and historic section of downtown St. Paul. It was a perfectly crisp fall day, replete with a rain/snow mix. Being as I loathe having my picture taken, much less broadcast across social media, I reverted to my five year old Chrysanthemum and donned my favorite comfy sweater and cowboy boots. I announced to our photography team that my boots were my statement of contradiction, because you might shoot me in an urban setting with our soon to be released and incredibly hip bags, but I’m keeping my feet grounded in my country roots. Turns out the photogs loved my boots and booya, my little feet may make a global internet appearance.

Which brings me back to web copy editing. I’m a little behind. There was laundry to be done and homework to be reviewed. So I folded laundry and quizzed the youngster in vocab words. Which brings me back to Mr. PQ, who would like to dress J. Hilburn but has more of a Woot.com budget. Which most likely explains why the man has 32 t-shirts. In all fairness, this is not uncommon for multi sport athletes and runners as we receive a t-shirt at every race and some are not so easily parted with, eg Ironman and marathons. However, 36 t-shirts. That is one for every day of the month and two on Sundays. I took the four most threadbare and threw them in the ragbag for the next time I need to polish my boots. The rest I sorted into piles of “suitable to wear in public”, “suitable to wear at Crossfit” and “quite frankly suitable only for tackling the honey do list”. There was also the community share shirts that are free game to whoever in the family grabs them first, and the ironic statements of humor donned for particularly brutal Crossfit WOD’s or festive days at the office. The other half are headed to Haiti and a small community to which the kids high school has partnered.

And so the week begins, just days until iPad Air is in hand, I better get editing.

Mrs PQ