iWatch, Mrs PQ and running naked

In my quest to run a marathon in every state, and dare I dream, one on each continent, I am training for the Fargo Marathon in May.   While Fargo is not exactly an exotic locale, it is a flat course, and as marathons go, it’s an easier run.  As technology goes, it’s perfect timing for the advent of the iWatch, or so states Mr. PQ.


At this point I offer a study in contrast.  When I turn in at night, I open the bedroom window, allowing a fresh breeze and the sounds of nature to permeate the room; perfect sleeping conditions.  Just as I’m drifting into a tranquil dream state, Mr. PQ will enter the bedroom, shut the window, turn on a fan and open an iPhone App that simulates nature sounds.  Apparently, he needs quiet and white noise to cover the pervasive harmony of our extra-urban neighborhood.  Now I grant, the occasional crack of a gunshot around 2 am can be a bit off putting, but how can you prefer a recording of corrugated tin being rattled to the sounds of an actual rainstorm?  Or prefer the recycled smell of our son’s sneakers (which always seem to find themselves on the floor by my side of the bed) to the hopeful aroma of a melting winter?


Runners love their watches.  Garmin, Polar, Nike and other heart rate monitoring, pace detecting devices have been available for years.  Watches are as ubiquitous to runners as are sneakers and flashy nylon shorts.  But they are also relatively non invasive.   iMore.com and Macrumors.com offer some interesting speculation as to what the iWatch might be capable of doing in conjunction with iPhone 6.  Detecting heart attacks, monitoring glucose, chastising me when I don’t run up a hill fast enough.   “Drink more, run faster, your glucose is plummeting, slow down… “  make it stop!


Runners have a term for going technology free, we call it running naked.  There is nothing so sublime as running naked and barefoot over the fresh dirt paths in spring.  Listening to symphony of nature, sensing the physiology of your body, shedding the weight of the day from your shoulders.


Mr. PQ already sports a Pebble, pings redundantly with alerts from one end of the house to the other as his technology keeps him informed, and is eagerly awaiting the pending Keynote announcement.  I can mostly guarantee it will be Mr. Pad and not Mrs. Quill who will be presenting our review of this new technology.


Check out our next post where Brian assures me he is preparing his response.



(Mrs PQ)