Best iPod Tunes for Running

by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
As an outdoor runner most of the time, I generally prefer to go tuneless. Just the wind in the trees and the birds singing is all I want to hear. But when I'm up for a hard workout or running indoors on a treadmill (which, let's admit it, gets pretty boring), the right tunes make me work harder and make the miles go by faster.
iPod caseAn iPod—whether it's a nano or touch—is the perfect running companion for days when you need a little extra motivation. Just mix a few of your favorite running songs (see suggestions below), pop it out of your Pad & Quill iPod case (with a handy bookmark to make it easy), and lace up your shoes for a runner's high.

My Favorite iPod Tunes for Running

Eye of the Tiger (by Survivor) – Okay, you know I had to include this one. It's a classic. Great way to start a run. The steady beat is just the right tempo for a warmup.
Lose Yourself (by Eminem) – Keep the momentum with a hip hop beat. Lose yourself in the music, and you'll be halfway through your run before you know it!
Higher (by Creed) – Hard to pick just one by Creed, but this is one of my favorites. Always gives me an adrenaline lift. Best place for it: middle of the run.
Kryptonite (by 3 Doors Down) – Not their latest album, but it's my favorite for running. Probably nostalgia from my college days. Best place for it: somewhere mixed in there with Creed.
Ants Marching (by Dave Matthews Band) – Another oldie but goodie. It's a softer beat after Creed and 3 Doors Down but will still keep your legs pumping.
Roar (by Katy Perry) – Loved it the first time I heard it. Will probably get sick of it before long, but for now it's on my iPod running list!
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (by Kelly Clarkson) – Save this one for the end...just when you feel like calling it quits.
Got a favorite song on your iPod for running? Let me know in the comments!

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