iPod Touch Review

If you’re looking for a portable media player, you can’t get much better than Apple’s iPod Touch. According to a review by PCMag.com, the iPod Touch scored an “Outstanding” rating for its sync capabilities, retina display, and top-notch music playing and organizing features.
There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the iPod Touch. Although the price tag is steeper than other media players out there, for most Apple fans, the price is worth it, considering all of the features packed into this handheld device.
The iPod Touch is much, much more than just a portable music player. The high-res screen is perfect for playing music videos or HD videos shot with your iPod Touch. You can also shoot photos, although the camera resolution on earlier iPod Touch models is less impressive than expected.
What sets the iPod Touch apart from other MP3 players is everything it can do beyond playing music and videos. With iCloud sync, the iPod Touch syncs content between different iOS devices. The iMessage feature allows you to swap virtual texts between iOS devices, along with interacting through FaceTime video chat and GameCenter social gaming. The newest iPod Touch is almost on par with a smartphone—minus the phone—with its more than 700,000 iOS apps. The 2012 iPod Touch model also addresses some of the flaws in earlier models with improved headphones, camera resolution, and speed.

How can you make the iPod Touch better?

If you’ve upgraded to the 2012 iPod Touch model, there’s not much else you need to do, except upgrade your accessories—most of which aren’t compatible with the newest Touch. For older iPod Touch models, we recommend nabbing a high quality pair of earbuds. The standard earbuds included with the iPod Touch are sorely lacking in bass levels and audio quality. A new pair of earbuds (we recommend these two) will go a long way in improving your audio bliss with older generation Touch models.
Another tip: don’t rely on the iPod Touch as your only camera. While the new Touch boasts a 5 megapixel camera (much improved over the ~1 megapixel in earlier models), the quality is still not up to par with digital photo technology today. We recommend using a better camera for photos that you care about.
Finally, we recommend protecting your iPod Touch with an iPod case. Considering the amount of money spent on an MP3 player of this caliber, it’s worth a few extra dollars to prevent damage and scratches. It also protects the resale value of your device in case you want to upgrade in the future.

Case for iPod Touch

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