Best iPod Accessories

Got an iPod? Once you've filled it with your favorite music and podcasts, it's time to think about making it more user-friendly with a few well-chosen iPod accessories. The best iPod accessories are ones that focus on powerful acoustics and making your iPod as portable and protected as possible.


The first iPod accessory on our list is all about the sound. The better the acoustics, the more you'll enjoy jamming to the playlists on your iPod.
Two of our favorite headphones are the Thinksound In-Ear Monitor MS01 and the Earjax Moxy Earbuds. The Thinksound earbuds are made with real wood in order to create a natural resonance that you just can't get from cheap plastic earbuds. The acoustics on these earbuds are so good that the New York Post claimed, "There is no distortion on the Ms01s. None."
The Earjax Moxy earbuds are affordably priced without sacrificing quality sound. was so impressed with these earbuds that they said, "Still trying to find something bad to say about the product. That should say it all." We think it does.

iPod Case

As small as your iPod is, it's easy to drop. With an iPod case from PQ, you won't have to worry about accidents like that. The front and back protection of PQ's iPod case prevents scratches, dings, and other damage. It also disguises your iPod, providing theft protection without the cost of insurance.

Zagg InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector

Once your screen gets scratched, there's no going back. Fortunately, with a Zagg screen protector, you can prevent that from happening. Once the screen protector is in place, dirt, scratches, and grime are no match for Zagg's InvisibleSHIELD power.

iPod Dock

Why keep your music all to yourself? Share the love with an iPod docking station. You can get one for just about any price or quality—whether you're looking for something affordable with average sound quality or the Cadillac of iPod docks with the best sound available.


If you like to listen to music while you run or work out at the club, an iPod armband is the best way to keep your hands free while you're exercising or playing. An armband also comes in handy when you need some tunes for doing yardwork, cleaning the house, or when you've got your hands full.

iPod Accessories

Need a few accessories for your iPod? Check out PQ's iPod cases and earbuds. Free shipping when you order any other case or accessory!