iPhone, Mrs PQ and Heart Attacks

When you put the word “naked” and “Mrs PQ” in a post you generally get my attention. This occurred last week when I read Kari’s latest post.  Now of course, I thought this was going to be a bit more salacious and less about throwing Mr PQ under the bus. While I can handle these jabs by my lovely wife, I could not let this post go without some type of reasonable response.


Let’s start with her bedroom differentiation. Not what your thinking. Yes, it is true I do like to listen to an App with white noise as I fall asleep. I find it soothing. She stated that she would prefer to open the window a crack and listen and/or feel the outdoors, free of technology. Yeah…she likes to feel the outdoors alright. Did she mention she cracks the window when it’s 20 BELOW ZERO?  I swear I’ve woken up with a layer of hardened frost on my blanket. She’s apparently trying to bring the “outdoors” into the “indoors”…in the middle of winter. I’ll take my App over these living conditions any day.


Regarding my “over” enjoyment of my Pebble watch, I do find my Pebble quite handy and it has some awesome watch faces. What Mrs PQ is failing to mention is her forgetful, no, inability, no just out-and-out refusal to answer her iPhone. Our entire staff and our 4 young quills all know the only way to get ahold of her is by text, as she will rarely answer a call.  It’s even gotten to the point where our own children can mimic (in perfect intonation and cadence) her voice mail message. There is one sneaky way to get ahold of her by iPhone though…you time your call when she is driving in the car as she has no clue how to shut off her bluetooth handsfree setup.


I believe this post almost serves as an intervention to Kari, from the kids, husband, and employee’s.  We would love if she occasionally answered her iPhone. Especially if, say, I was having a heart attack. I’m having visions of my last dying moments getting to listen to her very familiar voice mail.  Although that is not a bad way to go. ;)


With all this said, I truly do appreciate that she is the old-school/Quill part of the Pad & Quill equation. I’m most certainly the more tech side. That means look for the future battle to carefully sneak a rumored iWatch on her wrist. We all figure once she tries it, she will be hooked and we’ll get ahold of her!