iPhone Cases Buying Guide

As sleek and stylish as the iPhone 5 is, it can be hard to bring yourself to cover it up with an iPhone 5 case...unless you find a case that's just as classy as your phone. While everyone's taste differs, we have no doubt that you'll be able to find an iPhone case that both protects your phone from damage and fits your style, too. Here are some of the different types of iPhone cases available to choose from.

Pouches / Sleeves

If you just want something to protect your iPhone while you're not using it, a pouch or sleeve will do the trick. With extra padding, the pouch or sleeve can provide damage protection from drops, as well as scratch protection from car keys, pocket change, and other sharp objects when your iPhone is stored inside your purse or bag.

Book-Style iPhone Cases

Want all-around protection for your iPhone? A book-style iPhone 5 case (also known as flip case or wallet case) protects your screen as well as the back and sides of your phone. Although it's a bit bulkier than something like a skin or bumper, an iPhone book case offers more protection, as well as theft protection, since it looks just like a wallet or moleskine notebook from a distance.

iphone wood skin


While you typically think of iPhone skins as made of silicone, there are plenty of other materials available, including wood skins, metal, leather, and carbon. The skin protects the back and sides of your iPhone and makes it easier to grip your phone when you're holding it. Make sure you choose a skin that doesn't block any necessary ports, camera parts, or jacks that you need to access.


Bumper cases wrap around the edge of your iPhone to make it easier to grip and provide minimal protection for your phone. Although it doesn't offer as much protection as a skin, case, or sleeve, a bumper case does offer a bit of drop protection (including the fact that you'll be less likely to drop it, with the extra grip from the silicone) and is one of the most minimalistic iPhone 5 cases you can buy.


If you listen to music on your iPhone while you exercise or when you need to keep your hands free, an armband case will come in handy. It's similar to armband cases for MP3 players and iPods—just designed specifically for the iPhone.

Zagg screen protector

Screen Protector

Even if you use one of the above cases for your iPhone 5, you may still want a little extra protection. That's where a screen protector comes in. Without adding bulk to your iPhone, it protects against scratches and smudges without covering up the stylish design of your iPhone. Better yet—you can use it along with just about any iPhone 5 case, skin, or bumper.

iPhone Cases

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