iPhone 6 and a birthday

Mr. PQ begins the slide down the backside of 40 this week and he has the dubious distinction of sharing a birthday with either Labor Day (yea, party) or the first day of school (birthday, what birthday?)  This year he has a few days of buffer between the first day of school and the Great Unveiling of ’14. In case you missed the announcement announcing the announcement of the official announcement, Apple is releasing a new something they won’t say. It’s an iPhone.


So, in addition to thinking about school supplies and Tandoori Chicken (birthday dinner; why do I insist on making things I have no business replicating?) I am awash in iPhone 6 anticipation.  Will it organize my wardrobe?  I was told baggy sweats are not appropriate attire for our weekly staff meeting. (Even when said staff meeting is held on a surprisingly cold and rainy day and I foolishly wore uniform shorts to meet my morning training clients, and baggy sweats were the only warm thing I had in my car and it’s cold in our warehouse.).  Will it tell me if I drank enough water?  Will iPhone 6 know I drank 4 cups of coffee to offset the all-nighter I pulled, meticulously labeling school supplies, packing vegan-organic-bpa free-gluten free-nut free-taste free meals for the Quills?  (Ok, I admit, I got sucked into season 3 of Breaking Bad and they had Cheetos and pbj for lunch).  But we come from a simpler time when school supplies were limited to 4 Pee Chee All Sport Portfolios (quick: name the 3 sports depicted on the back cover? (No googling allowed) Three #2 pencils and a handful of spiral notebooks that even space age technology couldn’t prevent from unraveling.  Today, the supply list includes a stylus, an iCloud account and a Pad & Quill iPad case (we recommend the Contega self-propping case or if you have a kid with an artistic bent, the Graduate Edition for iPad which includes a marvelously blank canvas for your budding artist to personalize.)  Pad & Quill cases can be wonderfully theft deterring as we’ve learned over the years, because for better or worse, the thug who would knock a 10 year old to the ground to steal his iPad 3 is not likely to mug said kid for his diary.


But back to iPhone 6.  As an allied health professional, I am keenly interested in the biometric data that may and might one day be available from the new iPhone and iWatch.  From a small business owner standpoint, the iPhone 6 offers a wonderfully blank canvas on which to create a whole new line of covers and cases.  So, sweats notwithstanding, we are seriously excited to introduce what our craftsmen have been up to in anticipation of this amazing new technology.


So, I’ve packed up my sleeping bag and thermos of coffee, ready to plop myself down on the chewing gum riddled sidewalk alongside our fellow Apple geeks, to await the Great Release.  Happy queuing everyone and Happy Birthday to Mr. PQ!