Is the iPhone 5 Shatterproof?

by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
Your iPhone rings. You dig around in your purse (or your man bag) trying to get it out before the call reaches your voicemail. In one of those Murphy's Law moments when you're fumbling around with your phone after you finally dig it out, your iPhone 5 slips out of your hand and hits the pavement. Does it shatter? Or does it come out unscathed?
iPhone 5 case

iPhone 5 Gorilla Glass

The iPhone 5 was built with "butter fingers" in mind. The iPhone 5 gorilla glass screen is designed to be nearly impossible to break under typical use.
That said, I've seen more than one iPhone with a shattered screen. Although the iPhone 5 is fairly shatterproof, if you run over it with your car or drop it from three stories up, don't expect it to come out in one piece. There is a limit to everything.

Drop Tests

After the iPhone 5 launched, the gut-wrenching drop test videos started circling the web. Although it's painful to watch an iPhone 5 get hit by a hammer or dropped from the roof, it's hard to tear your eyes away from the sight, either.
Here's a drop test conducted by iFixYouri. Not until the tester actively tries to break the iPhone 5 by throwing it down on the ground (after dropping it multiple times) does the glass actually crack. The overall consensus from drop tests done on the iPhone 5 is that the 5 has proved much more durable than previous versions.


Do You Need a Case?

So if Gorilla Glass is all it's cracked up to be, do you really need an iPhone case? If you want to keep your iPhone in pristine condition, we think it's a good idea. The case protects the entire body of your smartphone—front and back—to keep it from getting accidentally scratched, cracked, or dented. For extra protection, you can slap on a Zagg screen protector as well.
An iPhone wallet case gives you room for credit cards and cash as well, so you don't even need to carry your wallet—just stick your iPhone in your pocket, and you're good to go.

iPhone 5 Case

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