Keep Your iPhone 5 from Scratches

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple introduced a new aluminum body designed to be lighter and thinner than previous iPhone models. Unfortunately, complaints about scratches on the iPhone 5 started rolling out not longer after the phone launched. Consumers complained that the iPhone 5 scratched much too easily—or even had scratches before the packaging was removed.

Apple's response to iPhone 5 scratches

Although the aluminum exterior is anodized to prevent scratches and corrosion, Apple's senior VP for global marketing, Phil Schiller, supposedly responded to complaints by saying, "Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal."

Protecting your iPhone from scratches

So what's an iPhone 5 owner to do? The new iPhone model is superior in many ways to its predecessors; yet no one wants a scuffed-up smartphone. If you own an iPhone 5 but want to keep it looking nice, the best solution is to use an iPhone 5 case. Not only does an iPhone case protect against scratches and chips, but it provides drop protection for those inevitable "clumsy" moments.
If you're a minimalist or you want to preserve the original design of your iPhone 5, you can laminate your smartphone using a screen protector and back protector, such as Zagg InvisibleSHIELD. A screen protector won't prevent damage from dropping your iPhone, but it will protect against scratches and scuff marks.

Avoiding scratches before they happen

The other way to keep your iPhone 5 from getting scratches is to be careful where you put it. If you're used to throwing your iPhone in your purse alongside your keys and spare change, it's time to break the habit. Your iPhone 5 will stay in better condition if you store it separately in its own case. Same goes for men—if you keep your iPhone in your pocket, make sure you don't have anything else in your pocket that could scratch the aluminum or screen.
Although it's tempting to bring your iPhone with you wherever you go, sometimes it's better to leave it at home. If you're downhill skiing, you might want to leave your smartphone behind to avoid falling on it and cracking the screen. Same goes for other extreme sports or anything near or on the water (boating, lounging at the beach, etc.). Bring along a waterproof camera instead. It's not worth the cost of a new iPhone.

Cases for iPhone 5

Afraid of scratching your new iPhone 5? Protect your smartphone with an iPhone 5 case or a Zagg screen protector from Pad & Quill. Free shipping when you purchase any other case or accessory!