Gift Ideas for iPhone 5

Buying a gift for someone—even someone you know really well—can be tough. Fortunately, if they're an iPhone 5 owner, you've got plenty of options for buying a gift that's both practical and personal. There's an iPhone 5 accessory for everyone—even your aunt with the crazy cats.

1. iPhone 5 Case

The most basic iPhone 5 accessory is a protective case. Once you scratch or drop your iPhone, there's no going back. Make sure that doesn't happen by protecting your phone with a case, such as the Little Black Book iPhone 5 case from PQ.
Besides shielding your phone from drops, nicks, and scratches, a iPhone 5 book case also offers theft protection, since it looks just like a moleskine notebook rather than an expensive iPhone. Throw in a Zagg screen protector for even more protection.

2. Gloves

If you live in a cold climate, you know how fast your fingers go numb when you're trying to text outdoors. A warm and cozy pair of touchscreen-friendly gloves can fix that problem.
Choose a pair that's stylish and fits well. Some touchscreen gloves cover your fingers completely, while others include holes or tiny slits so that you can still use your fingers to type or navigate the screen.

3. Speaker Dock

If you're buying for a music lover, a speaker dock is one of the best gift options you'll find. Some of these speaker docks also double as an alarm clock and a charging station. You can spend anywhere from $30 for cheap speakers (if you're not picky on quality) up to hundreds for a speaker dock with professional quality sound or wireless capability.

4. Camera Lens

While the iPhone 5 has a powerful camera already built in, you can make it even more powerful and versatile by attaching a camera lens. Chose from a fish-eye lens, a wide angle lens, or an optical zoom lens, for starters.
Compared to the cost of camera lenses for traditional cameras, you'll be pleased to know that iPhone 5 lenses are much more affordable. So affordable, in fact, that you might as well throw in an iPhone 5 tripod as well.

5. Apple TV

While the iPhone 5's longer screen comes in handy for viewing photos and videos, sometimes you just need a larger screen. Meet Apple TV. It's a device that lets you sync your iPhone 5 to a widescreen TV for better gaming, video playback, and photo sharing. With AirPlay, you can stream content from your iPhone 5 to your HDTV and make it easier for everyone to watch together.
Still stumped for gift ideas for the iPhone 5? There's always gift cards.

iPhone 5 Cases and Accessories

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