Top 5 iPad Mini Accessories

by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
When I was a kid, I used to spend hours staring at a miniature replica of a complete Ringling Brothers circus housed in a museum building at the county fair. There’s something fascinating about a miniature replica of something you’ve always known as life-sized—anything from doll houses to model airplanes to newborn kittens.
The iPad mini is no exception. Compared to the full-size iPad, the mini is a novel. And it’s one that deserves its own collection of accessories—sized just right to fit the iPad mini and make it as user-friendly as possible.
Here’s our list of the top 5 iPad mini accessories that can make using the mini even easier:

1. i-Flash Drive: Super-fast file sharing.

Need a way to transfer files from your MacBook to your iPad mini without wires, access to the cloud, or email attachments? Although the iPad mini is not compatible with USB drives, the i-FlashDrive HD comes with a USB adaptor on one end and a Lightning adaptor on the other, so it can connect both to a laptop or desktop and your iPad mini.
If you love the convenience of completing work on-the-go or taking pictures with your iPad mini, now you have an easier way to flip files and images back and forth between the mini and your MacBook.
iPad mini case

2. iPad Mini Case: Real-world protection.

If you want to keep your iPad mini in mint condition for as long as you own it, you’d be wise to invest in an iPad mini case. And it doesn’t have to be for practical reasons, either. An iPad mini case complements your style, disguises your valuable device from potential thieves, and automatically puts your iPad mini to sleep when you close the cover.
Define your personal style with a “design your own iPad mini case” option or go the classic route with a full grain leather case. Let your inner artist shine!

3. Keyboard: Fire-finger typing.

You’re not the only one who has trouble typing on a virtual keyboard. Spinning up documents, emails, or notes to yourself is much faster with a separate iPad mini keyboard. Although keyboards have been available for the full-size iPad for awhile, now you can get a keyboard specifically designed to fit your iPad mini. The width of the keyboard is narrow compared to full-size keyboards, but the keys are exactly where you would expect to find them—and spaced far enough apart to satisfy even the most discriminating of typists.

4. Stand: Picture-perfect angles.

Using your iPad mini to follow a recipe while you’re cooking in the kitchen? Prop your iPad mini up with a stand to make the viewing easier. An iPad mini stand secures your device at just the right angle for showing off vacation pictures to a group of friends, viewing the screen while typing on a wireless keyboard, or watching YouTube videos in your free time.
If you’re lucky, your iPad mini case will double as a stand, such as the Aria, Graduate, and Octavo cases by Pad & Quill. The cover of the book-style case flips back to support your iPad mini at a propped up angle for watching movies, reading, and the like.

5. Carrying Bag: Oh, the places you’ll go.

Even though you don’t need a special bag to carry your iPad mini, owning a mini is an excuse to get a new one. Since the iPad mini is so small, you can fit it in anything from a carrying case to a messenger bag, depending on how many other items you want to be able to fit inside the bag.

Word to the wise: choose a bag with a separate compartment for your iPad mini so that you don’t accidently crush it underneath a stack of books or a pair of free weights for your midday workout.

iPad Mini Case

Get an iPad mini case, stand, and smart cover all in one with Pad & Quill’s line of iPad mini cases. Show your unique style by designing your own case, or embrace the classic, timeless look with a full grain leather iPad mini case. Don’t like the case you bought? Return it within 30 days for your money back—we promise.
P.S. Your iPad mini case ships for free when you purchase any other case or accessory!