Get Ready for iPad 5

by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster

Seems like every time you buy the latest and greatest, a newer version gets released in the next couple of months and suddenly your shiny new toy is yesterday's news. If you're thinking about buying a new iPad, you might be better off waiting a month or two for the iPad 5. Unlike the minor upgrade from the iPad 3 to the iPad 4, the iPad 5 is rumored to be a big step up from the iPad 4.

iPad stand case

Lighter, smaller

Although the screen size for the iPad 5 will be the same as previous generations, the lighter weight and more compact size will make it feel more along the lines of the iPad mini. With consumers expecting lighter, smaller devices, the pressure is on for manufacturers to create slimmer designs without compromising performance or battery life.
Rumors run anywhere from 25% to 33% lighter than the iPad 4. A big factor in the weight and size change is with a thinner glass panel (0.2mm instead of 0.25mm).

Touch-Panel Technology

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is borrowing from the touch-panel technology for the iPad mini in order to make the iPad 5 thinner and lighter. Rather than the glass-based touch panel used by previous iPad models, the new iPad 5 will use the film-based touch panel featured in the iPad mini.

Early Photos

Just this month, photos appeared showing parts that were claimed to be a genuine front panel and digitizer for the next generation iPad. The photos appear to confirm the rumors that the iPad 5 will be smaller and thinner in size compared to the previous iPad models.

Accessories Upgrade

Since the iPad 5 will be thinner than the other models, you might need to update some of your accessories if you originally owned an older iPad model. Older keyboards, iPad cases, and other accessories may not be compatible with the new iPad 5.

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