iPad 3 Rumor Round Up

As you can imagine, here at PQ we are closely watching the iPad 3 rumor mills.  Beautiful hand made iPad cases being our specialty seems to make this quite the imperative.  Like you, we are very interested in what Apple plans to update with their newest version of the iPad.  From what we are reading, the iPad 3 will sport a new high resolution screen, better camera and the newest cellular technology LTE.  LTE is the next generation high speed cellular data standard.


According to reports from Bloomberg and Macotakara (Japanese Blog) the iPad 3 will support a higher resolution screen that will make text appear like printed material, very similar to the current ‘Retina’ display in the iPhone 4 and 4S.  Bloomberg also cites 3 anonymous sources saying that the iPad 3 launch date will be early March with an announcement in early February by Apple.


Forbes has also stated that their sources agree with Bloomberg that LTE technology will be included in the iPad 3.  This will make for much faster cellular data download speeds for those who buy the iPad that includes data service.


In the want, but not fully vetted rumors there are whispers about a higher resolution camera and larger memory of 128 GB also included with the new iPad.


As always with rumors, only time will tell but it should provide an interesting 1st quarter around here at the PQ world.  Know that we’re very excited to be offering many new products this year that will be made specifically for the iPad 3.  Those are NOT rumors, we have first hand information on that!


-Mr. PQ