iPad 3 and Cameras

When the iPad 2 came out, I thought adding the awful .8 MP camera was a brilliant move by Apple.


Admittedly anecdotal, I had heard many people state they would hold off on buying an iPad
until a camera was included. Well, Apple not only included one camera, but two bad ones!
This was a very good marketing move as many of my fence sitting friends suddenly found themselves
owners of the iPad 2 last year. I wonder how many of them ever use that camera?
I especially wonder about the ones who have an iPhone 4 or similar smart phone quality camera?
These cameras blow away the iPad 2 in quality and you don’t feel so dorky holding up a big
tablet to take a .8 MP camera shot.
Some days I think I actually felt guilty we put a camera hole in our cases considering quality
of photo vs. a hole in the back of one of our beautiful handmade iPad cases.
According to many recent rumors, the iPad 3 will include a high quality camera on the back side.
When I say high quality, I’m referring to point and shoot type capabilities. Apple, Google,
Samsung and other manufactures are disrupting the point and shoot market with HD quality cameras
included in their smart phones and tablets. Apple’s rumored move to include a serious camera
in the iPad 3 will only add to the tablet’s dominance in the market and could provide many new
applications for the device.
My question is:
will I use it? I never use the iPad 2 camera because it’s so awful, but I wonder if I will pick
up the iPad 3 with more frequency due to the quality of images I could shoot.
What are your thoughts on the possibility of a great camera on the iPad 3? How would you use it?
-Mr. PQ