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A well-made journal notebook transcends being just an object and quickly becomes a travel companion. When inspiration strikes, writing everything down is crucial. Our devices are wonderful things, however, they don't make for great spaces for our ideas to inhabit. When jotting something down digitally, you open up your notes app, tap a few letters, close it up and the idea never gets to see the light of day. That's because it gives your brain a sense of accomplishment while not truly accomplishing anything. Out of sight and out of mind, to be put into the graveyard that is our notes app. That's why Brilliant Journaling is the solution you never knew you needed for exceptional note taking and thought transference.

The key lies in an analog surface that allows for the inception, collection, and execution of an idea. Why write down your investment opportunities on a device that's constantly trying to get you to play another round of Candy Crush? Apps try to throw so much data onto the screen in such a little spurt of time, it can be a battle between new information and getting your truth manifested. We own our devices, though it can sometimes feel like the inverse is true. Take back your mind, your time, and get into the free flow of crafting your own story.

Brilliant Journaling is centered around a key thought that William Makepeace Thackeray wrote,

"As there are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up the pen to write."

Our three guidelines help keep track of your own dreams and aspirations and, through a structure, allow you to figure out what is most important to you.

Step 1: Personalize Your Journal's Layout

why keep a journal

We are increasingly becoming even more connected with others, like Venn diagrams that overlap each other in a kaleidoscope of infinite combinations. However, it's important to take this journal and use it to prioritize yourself, this is your journal, for your unique thoughts. It's there to assist you as you rediscover the wisdom of old lying dormant.

At the start, try not to worry about it being particularly neat or pretty. A quality pen and journal are all you need to start the journal journey. Some find it easiest to designate pages towards a purpose by filling out their table of contents. Others like to freestyle their writing, then fill out their table of contents for later reflection. Alternatively, a monthly calendar helps maintain perspective. Others still divide their lives into professional, working from left to right, and personal, working in from right to left, and later on, to meet in the middle. Really, there are no wrong answers, and as long as you give your oeuvre a good structure, your journaling will thrive.

An inviting and personalized exterior helps your new journal feel more like an old friend. Leave the dongles, headphones, and screen protectors, the only tools your journal will need is the leather folio cradling it and a quality pen. It's crucial to start out with the intention to make it a peaceful and level-headed place for ideas to dwell and grow.

Step 2: Capture the Moment

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Your journal is a judgment-free zone, use bullet points, illustrations, outlines, arrows - whatever it takes to capture your moments. The true power of journaling comes from the act of touching pen to paper and allowing your vision to manifest itself organically.

The kindling for the next Big Thing can often be found in a fleeting thought. Instead of focusing on trying to remember it, write it down. It frees you up to focus on detail work and implementing your brainchild. The larger your pool of information, the more you can draw from it. Ideas might start out fluid and can blend with one another, culminating in a fantastic new adventure. As this process repeats itself, you and your journal will flourish with thoughts, ideas, and plans.

Step 3: Reflect to Discover

why it is important to journal

Self-expression has to be paired with introspection to promote development. In fact, introspection often brings with it an abundance of compassion for yourself and others. By going back a day, a month, a year, or even decade, you get to remember who you were, where you are currently, and where you want to be. Organization and writing are a great place to start, but development atrophy without later reassessment. Unlock the possibilities by revisiting ideas and tasks of yesterday.

You may find your musings to be irrelevant at times, but it's also impossible to say what will be educational and inspirational down the road. Pondering and sitting with your thoughts can help bring forward any incongruencies or overlooked details. At other points, Brilliant Journaling will help you reminisce about your exceptional memories. Regular reflection allows for a gentle refinement of the self.

The Art of the Journal Notebook is in the Act Itself

We are absolutely thrilled to begin this journey with you and we are introducing Pad & Quill's full line of Brilliant Journaling products to help along the way. In our journals, you'll find a table of contents, numbered pages for easy reference, all on 100g acid-free recycled paper, so there's no need to worry about your writings getting murky with age. Additionally, we offer our journal notebooks in either blank pages or a dot-grid format. Our books use a smyth sewn binding, the old fashioned way, to lay-flat and come with two bookmarks to delineate between projects. Once you're all set, simply bind it all together with our ultra-durable elastic strap. We are also delighted to provide handcrafted leather portfolios, leather journal covers, luxurious pens, and slim satchel bookbags to enhance your experience whilst journaling.

Often times, digital convenience and the freedom of analog paper can feel at odds. However, Brilliant Journaling can bring your analog and digital life into harmony. At times, implementing a new idea can feel daunting, that first step can feel massive. By simply putting your ideas onto paper, Brilliant Journaling will automatically propel your designs, views, and concepts toward success.

There are as many styles of journaling as there are people in the world. Everyone will have their own spin. There really isn't a wrong way to do it, the art of journaling is in the act itself. Our three rules: personalize the layout, capture the moment, and reflect, act as the pillars for your journal. What follows is up to you, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with Brilliant Journaling!

brilliant journaling