Join us each month as we interview the designer behind some of our favorite Pad & Quill products. We'll talk design process, usability and more. Read on to hear about the Gladstone Leather Duffel bag.

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This month Pad and Quill is giving plenty of love to the Gladstone Leather Duffle Bag. As both a functional duffle and leather laptop bag, it's the best of both worlds and can easily transfer from boardroom to business class with ease. We sat down with Brian, founder and designer of the bag, to learn about the inspiration behind the design.

What was your inspiration for the leather duffle bag?

leather duffel bagI'll always remember weekends up north with the family.  We were 2 years into making leather laptop bags at PQ when I looked around and realized I did not have a duffle to carry anything in.  I literally carried my stuff in a brown paper grocery bag.  That was the moment I realized I need to excercise my Mr. PQ design efforts into an actual duffle that I would love to carry.

My inspiration for the Gladstone Duffle actually evolved from two things. A new friendship with a British fan of Pad and Quill and my love of the ‘Doctor's Bag’ closure. I had seen these types of bags in antique stores and occasionally on the production floor at our manufacturer.  That’s when I dug in and realized the Gladstone closure was purely British and truly remarkable in both appearance and function. My new British friend had no problem with the burden of prototyping it for me as well.

What is your favorite part of a leather laptop bag?

I think my favorite part of the bag, which is something I try to build into every single bag we make at PQ is accessible simplicity. I want something beautiful with easy access while still feeling secure.  The Gladstone Duffle has all of that.

What exactly is herringbone fabric?

leather duffel bagThe interior lining of our Gladstone Duffle is a herringbone fabric that is used in very high end upholstery. Herringbone patters are a beautiful classic texture that work well with the Gladstone design. This makes the bag significantly lighter, than those that use leather linings.  And when it comes to travel, it's essential to save on weight, which is why we love this fabric so much.

Parachute grade stitching? Really? Explain.

Yep. Parachutes. Sail cloth for performance sail boats.  Same stitching company, same quality UV resistant stitch. Designed to hold up for many decades when applied by skillful artisans. The same strong stitching is found in many of our products as well including our wallets!

What the best way to pack and travel efficiently with these bags?

leather laptop bag

When packing your bag it's essential to start with the big heavy things to create a base. I'll put my Red Wing boots and Dopp Kit in the bottom first. Then it's just a matter of playing Jenga, with clothes and lighter goods in the nooks and crannies.  I generally place anything sensitive like my DJI drone or Sony camera in the middle so that it’s protected from all sides.

A Leather Bag Meant To Go With You

leather duffel bag

The Gladstone leather duffel bag is as beautiful as it is versatile. With plenty of internal 'bucket' space and pockets, it's there perfect companion for all your travel needs. Bring yours home today from Pad & Quill.