iCloud, paperclips and Mrs PQ

This morning I was demonstrating a test prep app for a coworker when a fellow co worker took note of my new iPhone 5s. He did so with such exuberance that at once there was a cadre of iPhone 5s admirers gathered around my phone inquiring as to specs and software. I know at this point I am supposed to say something remotely coherent, even intelligent about Apple and IOS technology, but instead I find myself looking with envy at my co workers clamshell phone. Mr PQ just wilted slightly, dismayed I’m certain that his tactic of showing me the new slider that gives easy access to a flashlight has barely moved the needle with me regarding IOS euphoria. I learned some time ago that while my Apple products won’t help me cultivate my garden, they do allow me to consolidate my tasks so that I have more time to cultivate my garden and that is indeed fruitful.

I am proud to say that yesterday, with some exhaustive coaching, I was able to transfer from iPhone 5 to 5s. It began with a conversation as I walked through Target and continued for the next hour as Mr. PQ walked me step by step through the process, murmuring a dozen times that “this would be easier if I just came home and did it for you.” He was trying to get me to back up 5 into the iCloud. He should know better. I didn’t have enough storage. After five minutes of trying to explain how cloud things aren’t really in your phone so I can’t just delete them to make room, he gave up. “Just plug your phone into the computer.” The last time I plugged my phone into the computer I lost my entire calender, so enough with that nonsense. He assured me I wouldn’t lose my calender but I would have to install a new SIM card. Seriously? “Just take a paperclip and open the portal.” I’m holding enough technology in my hand to land a space shuttle and you want me to poke at it with a paperclip? It took me 20 minutes to find a tool that fit the hole, add that to the dozens of uses for a spare earring.

So, I now have an iPhone 5s. That being said if it weren’t for my Little Pocket Book or Bella Fino iPhone case , to complete the experience, I’d most likely rejoin my clamshell coworker.  Mr PQ is now shaking his head and slowly walking away.