At Pad & Quill, we live and breathe iPhone accessories. Our artisans are already hard at work designing new iPhone XS cases and iPhone XS Plus cases. Ever wondered what goes into making an iPhone case? A great case needs to be both secure and protective while also being stunning and unique. The best iPhone cases enhance the beauty of Apple's initial design while also injects charm and personality into the everyday carry. In all of our designs, you'll notice a recurring theme, the marriage of the beauty of from the natural world meets industrial functionality. A little old mixing with a little new. Keep reading to follow the journey of an iPhone case, from the very first draft to a finished product in your hands!

How To Make An iPhone Case: The Design

iphone xplus casesThe inspiration for a new design can strike anywhere. Take, for example, our newest iPhone case, the Traveler case. The Traveler is made for the newest devices but is steeped nostalgia. This case was inspired by a well-worn coin purse that belonged to Brian's father. Brian (a.k.a. Mr. PQ around here...) was so happy to receive this gift from his dad that he set out to make an iPhone case worthy of our name and that'll be passed down throughout time.

how to make an iphone case

You can see how the careful design of the coin purse sparked the Traveler. In between the two, you'll see the contrast stitching, all leather body, and rounded edges, making it comfortable to hold and use throughout the day. First comes the design drawings, then our skilled prototypers have to turn the drawings into realities by hand cutting all the different pieces to figure out how to put it together in a strong, durable manner.

The Traveler spent years in development and rigorous prototyping from our highly skilled prototypers, and the results speak for themselves. However, it is simply not enough to make a beautiful case, we were able to find some of the world's leading leather artisans and pull in the best materials in order to craft it. Check out the steps it takes to make our beloved Traveler Case for the iPhone!

How To Make iPhone Cases: The Leather and Materials

handcrafted goods

Our iPhone cases are made of the best leather available, full-grain American leather sourced from one of the highest rated tanneries in the world for environmental standards and cleanliness. Other, lesser types of leather have been sanded down, synthetically altered and made in suspect conditions. We just won't settle for a low-quality leather; ours is completely intact, and incorporates the entire story of the hide in cases like the Bella Fino iPhone X case.

In fact, once the hides come into our tannery, they're inspected and only the top 20% of hides are accepted and eligible to be made into one of our cases and bags. Full-grained leather also has the strongest fibers that ensure the leather will age beautifully over the course of a lifetime. We have so much confidence in our leather, we warranty it for the next 25 years!

We recently expanded our leather line to include beautiful vegetable tanned leather on our Heritage Bella Fino iPhone X cases. The veg tanned leather is made with all natural tanning ingredients so that the integrity remains and this process allows the case to arrive to you as a cream-colored blank slate. We leave it up to get to select the depth of the case and take on a more active, artisanal role. Give it a little balm, sun, and love, and you'll get the most beautiful patina on it. Check out this link to learn how to age veg tanned leather. Curious to see how veg-tanning works on a more granular level? Our comprehensive guide on how to care for vegetable tanned leather ought to help!

Many of our cases are also made of wood. We only use sustainably farmed and harvested, FSC certified hardwoods. Mother Nature has started these works of art, and our artisans hone and finish them into one-of-a-kind wooden iPhone cases. Then, you get to author your own story with the case.

Buying a handmade wood case for the iPhone honors the richness of nature and warms the cold metal device substantially, connecting it back to the Earth. Was it an era for a growth spurt? Or, did it rain a lot one year? The wood grains are a clear slices are the history of the tree it once was. The Timberline wood case for iPhone X and Woodline wooden iPhone x case are strong and slim, making them a great vegan alternative iPhone cases.

If you want the best of both worlds, plus lots of protection, you'll want to opt for one of our Luxury Pocket Books. Our luxurious full-grain leather is paired with our milled Baltic birch and the elastic strap keeps everything calm and collected. Never fumble for your wallet and phone again, they are all in one secure place. Plus, our marine nylon stitching is parachute-grade and is UV-resistant. (Yeah, like as in actual parachutes.)

How To Make iPhone Cases: The Artistry Behind Our Cases

No matter which material your iPhone case is made of, you'll have a case that has its own story. We make sure that all of our cases are sourced from natural sources and keep in line with our responsibility to care for the earth and generations to follow us. That is our litmus test, that is our legacy. We thoughtfully parse through raw materials and eschew any cut-rate items. Instead, we opt for enduring textiles. Some might be quick to call it snobbery; we call it passion. Once we've got our prototypes all tested, materials gathered, we can hop into meeting with our artisans and get to assembling our cases.

Instead of soulless machinery, we opt for passionate, well-trained artisans. They are able to take our finalized designs and execute them into the real world. They blend precision and tradition, with craftsmanship. Using their old-world techniques, they are able to craft leather and wood cases that will age with grace. Handmade items are about the delightful people and the ingenious solutions that shape them. We stand behind our artisans, and they stand behind their work, discreetly autographing their initials to every case, cover, and bag that they make as a sign of pride and a promise of quality.

how to make iPhone cases

Artisan made goods are a triumph of our modern lives and we strive to show respect to the artisans and makers behind our products. Every case is about people; it incorporates their lives, their stories, and their personality. Our Leather iPhone cases highlight the time, effort, and energy that it takes to make an iPhone case. The skill of each maker, the technical knowledge they have, and their imagination are infused into each case.

Our craftsmen and women are able to take pride in what they make. They work in small batches and each case will be ever so slightly different from one to the next. The minute variations between each work make them individualized and much more noteworthy. With a Pad & Quill case, you can be sure you're getting a handmade, unique piece of work and are the only one on the planet to own it. Billions of people will never have exactly what you have, your very own work of art. Finally a case as unique as you are.

Our cases proudly bear our signature Ampersand, and we stand behind them with our comprehensive warranty. Join us in celebrating the artisans, leather, and lovely craftsmanship that went into your case! And welcome to the Pad & Quill Family, we are so happy to have you as part of our story.

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