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Back in 2010, we were a small startup with big dreams, to craft Apple accessories that are as functional as they are beautiful. After all, who wouldn't want to make a case for the iPad? Since then, we've gathered the best materials, located the best artisans, and honed our designs over time. When the new iPad Pros came out, we knew we'd be making new landmark cases for them. Take a look behind the scenes, and accompany us on the journey that is making durable traditionally bound book-style Contega Thin case for iPad Pro 11 & iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen!

How to Design an iPad Pro Case

slim ipad pro 11 caseA good case design needs to be functional and protective, and it also needs to complement and enhance the already amazing design of the iPad itself. The real magic happens when all of these elements are combined together into one beautiful product. The inspiration for a case can strike from anywhere. Our designers have a well-trained eye for detail and are always looking at the best materials around for new ideas. The Contega Series, both the Linen and the Thin, stemmed from a love of traditional hardbound books and the bookbinderies that make them. We use the very same Buckram linen that's used in the Library of Congress to craft these cases, it preserves the longevity of the iPad and feels amazing in the hand.

Apple's latest tech may be fantastic, but it is still quite breakable and needs pioneering protection that can keep pace with the new designs. The release of the new Folio Keyboard, edge-to-edge display and, magnetic charging and pairing for the Apple Pencil 2 was an industry game changer. Our Contega Thin cases are both fully compatible with these new accessories and provide fantastic protection at the same time. We used harmonious, slender designs to complement the elegant lines of the tablet while also providing superior edge and screen protection. Luxurious, but not ostentatious, our enduring designs and high-quality natural materials are the driving factors here at Pad & Quill.

The Best Materials for iPad Pro Case

We first check over our materials. Personally inspecting and testing all the materials is our hands-on way of guaranteeing the Pad and Quill quality you've come to expect. Bruce, a local Minneapolis artisan has specialized in linen and wood and traditional book bindery craftsmanship for the last 47 years. In the image above you can see him measuring, cutting, and inspecting the linen quality before it goes on to become a Contega Thin case for the iPad Pro. Once they pass inspection, the cases are embossed with the Pad & Quill logo, our guarantee of quality.

Securing the iPad Pro in Place

best cases for ipad pro 11

The cases are then outfitted with their iPad securing mechanism. You can see Bruce outfit each Thin iPad Pro 11 case with anchoring adhesive, by hand. Our cases are so nice, that we made them twice. The Contega Thin is available for both the iPad Pro 11 and 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9. Artisans like Bruce also install our other cases with their wooden Baltic birch frames and SureLock bumpers. Every inch of the iPad Pros' Liquid Retina display is seen and secured by our incredible system. 

Finishing Touches

high quality cases for ipad pro 11

Lastly, our artisans give it one more scrutinization for quality and functionality. Here, Bruce tests the Contega's multi-angle self-propping built-in stand. This step is crucial as self-propping is a huge part of the functionality of the case. We check all of our cases individually to ensure it is a joy to use, for work and play.

How to Choose a Case for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9

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The best cases are a combination of functional design and art. Our cases are started by nature, then transformed by artisans like Bruce, and their narratives are then crafted by you. We choose to handcraft our cases because there are no replacing decades of experience and passion which shines through in every Pad & Quill item. Each case will adapt to and tell your unique narrative, all while providing rugged protection to your new iPad Pro. Deciding on an iPad case can be hard, check out our best iPad Pro 2018 cases to help narrow down the search!

ipad pro 11 case

We stand behind all of our craftspeople and products with our exceptional warranty. Whatever you use your iPad for, work, school, or fun, we make an iPad case for you! Welcome to the Pad & Quill Family, we are so grateful you are here.

FAQ on the new iPad Pro 11 and 12.9

1. Is the Apple Pencil 2 design compatible with your cases?

-We are happy to report they are. Right now, our Contega Thin and Oxford are fully compatible. We are currently updating our Traveler and Contega Linen so that we maintain the structural integrity of the case. Our artisans are hard at work!

2. Will my old case work for the new iPad Pro 12.9 and 11?

-Sort of. The iPad Pros themselves have the same body and footprint. However, your previous generation case may not offer the full functionality you may need with the new Pro. Magnets, ports, and cameras are different and will align in the case differently.

3. Will your cases work with the new Smart Keyboard Folio?

-Yes! The Keyboard adheres to the iPad with a magnetic system and the cases latch onto it with our super secure 3M adhesive. Pairing our cases with the Folio is the only way to ensure top-notch functionality with top-notch design and protection.

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