Our cases for the iPads are an industry game-changer. We take our enduring designs and pair them with American full-grain leather to create individual masterpieces. Our inspiration is stoked by our entrepreneurial spirit and a love of the craft. Our designs are our way of honoring the past while looking to the future. American bridle leather has a supple and hardworking nature inspired our Oxford leather iPad Pro case and the inspiration for our Traveler cases came from a family heirloom. Join us along our journey in crafting a case for the iPad.

The Right Material for Your iPad Case

When we say we love leather, we really mean it. Supple and soft, we craft our products full-grain leather. It lasts for hundreds of years and gains a rich patina over time. Our cases start out as a full hide. We only accept the very best hides from American hides, on average, only about the top 20% pass our standards. They are then taken to start the complex tanning and dyeing process. Once the color has been imbued, the leather is taken once more for inspection. After they pass inspection, the hide is then ready to become a case. Today, we'll be following our artisans as they make 3 of our most popular leather cases for the iPad. We'll start out by taking a look at our leather case for professionals, then the organizing catchall bag, and finish up with our protective iPad Pro Case, the Traveler.

How to Design a Leather iPad Case

When designing and crafting cases out of natural materials, like leather, it is important to limit the number of seams and use larger pieces. Every iPad accessory we make is cut from one single piece of full-grain leather. Our leather cases are available in three rich tones to make your iPad Pro look well curated. This method is less cost-effective, however, it preserves the natural beauty and strength of the leather and allows us to warranty it for a quarter of a century. Once cut, the leather cases are hemmed by our parachute-grade stitching. The thread is UV-resistant and is reinforced as it is sewn. Both the Oxford and Traveler, receive their the Moleskine style elastic strap and classic orange stitch.

luxury ipad cases

How to Make an iPad Bag

One way to protect your iPad is in our ultra-organizing bag for the iPad Pro 12.9. The Valet Luxury Bag fits every generation of iPad inside, with room to spare. It's an office on the go, it's large enough to collect all your essentials but compact enough to keep everything neat. The Valet has a dedicated, separate pocket for your Pro. Then, it has three smaller pockets for the Apple Pencil and charging cables to nestle in. At the very front, it has another large pocket reserved for the Smart Keyboard or even documents.

How to Make Rugged Protection for the iPad Pro

In the Traveler made only for the iPad Pro 10.5, is a slim leather case, and uses a push-in tension fit.  Another option, made for all generations of iPad Pro, is the Oxford and it uses our classic 3M adhesive. Your iPad is protected but mobile while inside the Oxford with our reusable, clean release anchoring adhesive system. Next, internal magnets for the smart cover magnetic off/on feature are added, camera apertures are cut, and any additional touches like an Apple Pencil Holder are added on.


Towards the end of this process, we add in our signature touches. The Traveler gets its orange felt lining, that creates a soft buffer for the iPad to rest in. Final details on the Valet are also added at this point. The hand pounded copper rivets and the bookmark tuck-through locking mechanism are tested. The artisan gives it one more go over to ensure they are proud of it. Then, they add their signatures to show the pride they take in their craft.

how to make a leather bag

Watch the Traveler from its humble beginnings as a hide transforms into a beautiful, rugged case! The Traveler is a new design, and our artisans will walk you through precise laser cutting, sturdy sewing, all the way through to the fine details on the finishing touches.

Love, leather, and thread combine to create one work of art at a time. Our artisans make each case by hand to ensure you receive the relentless quality you've come to expect.

Here at Pad & Quill, we believe in our artisans, materials, and designs so much that we back them up for the next quarter century. We guarantee quality and functionality, they're the guiding forces behind everything we do... Durable goods, artisan made, that's the Pad & Quill way. Welcome to the Family, we're happy to have you!

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