You may not be in middle school anymore, or even college, but that doesn't mean you can't use a refresh with some new items to get your head in the game for Autumn.  This is the season of change and work ramps up, so getting ready for work shouldn't actually feel like work. We've rounded up our top picks oriented toward functionality, productivity, and they look fantastic. Get ready to turn some heads in the office this Fall!

Laptop Bags with Style

You've outgrown your first suit, your work boots and shoes have gotten more substantial. It's time to upgrade your bag too! Our Luxury Leather Laptop Briefcase is a revolutionized briefcase, created for the modern office. Inside, there's plenty of space for a 15-inch MacBook, an iPad Pro, chargers, a wallet, journals, a TechFolio, with room to spare. The Luxury Briefcase, like all of our bags, will last throughout your entire career. We're so confident in its ability, we guarantee it for the next 25 years!

The Office-Ready Briefcase to Make You Look Like A Boss

Another alternative to the sleek Luxury Briefcase is to splash out on the Gladstone Leather Briefcase. Designed as a celebration of leathercraft, it's attention-grabbing... yet not ostentatious. 165-years in the making, this entire bag is overengineered. Beginning with the swivel opening, the entire exterior is crafted from full-grain leather. Then, we added UV-resistant, parachute-grade stitching to construct the Gladstone. Inside, we used ultra-soft herringbone lining. All in all, it's a great way to come into the office like a boss. Go on, show em who's boss.

Handcrafted Luxury Wooden Pen for Creatives

This is the pen that Ernest Hemmingway would use. In addition to it's gleaming hardware, we craft this pen out of reclaimed wood. Our rich Cherry and Walnut hardwood have incredible, swirling grains. This pen is meant for the every day so we upped the durability of the nib during the design process. Another vital feature for our Handcrafted Wooden Pen was a smooth writing experience. We accomplished this with a sturdy, rounded design. Also, we made sure that the interior inkwell is highly responsive. This pen has a simple, elegant design. It really is the smoothest, most reliable pen available. It'll impress your officemates, boss, and yourself during meetings.

Office Desk Accessories for Men

Now that you've got the right pen, make sure you're getting things done! One way to derail your productivity is to leave your desk dull, blank, and bare. However, when your office space is personalized, warm, and inviting. Our Leather Desk Accessories will elevate your workday with their rich leather and soft padding underneath. Our artisans stitch them out of single cuts of leather and add in copper rivets for longevity and charm. It's a great way to say "I'm here to stay and get things done."

Best iPad Case for the Modern Man

The Cambridge iPad Pro case is made out of historic Herringbone fabric and rich leather. The two-toned contrast between the two adds some clean, minimalistic cool to your workspace. Our signature bright orange stitch is a fun way to add a pop of color without garishness. Featurewise, this case is a powerhouse. It has multiple self-propping angles, as well as a super reliable 3M adhesive. The adhesive has been used in thousands of iPhone and iPad cases that help keep your case slim. Additionally, There's room inside the pocket for an Apple Keyboard. We even left room for the intuitive Apple Pencil 2 along the sides.

Best Stylish Leather Wallets for Men

Men's Health did an excellent writeup on how a thick wallet can be harmful for your back, ouch! This year, why not just save yourself the backache in style? This wallet is the perfect combination of sleek minimalism, leather craftsmanship, and intuitive design. The Slim Front Pocket Wallet offers quick access to your cash and cards. With this wallet, you'll be dressed to impress for years to come.

Above all, did we mention how amazing it looks? Available in three signature colors, this wallet has a hardworking sensibility that can blend in with workwear and your weekend casual outfits. Just add in leather shoes and some aviators, and you're practically Chris Hemsworth.

Fall Workwear for Men

In conclusion, our top two tips for fall are: exceptional fit and phenomenal accessories to go with it. What are your must-haves for work? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments below! For more tips and ideas, visit our Back to Work page!

Want even more tips? GQ has some rugged options for your back to work style!

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