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Do you have the right bag? How do you know? You may not ever leave your house without your work bag, and you need to have the right one. This bag will hold all your essentials like your notebook full of ideas, pens to sign contracts, a laptop with your afternoon presentation, and maybe even a book for the journey into work. In short, not just any bag will do. When you're working at your peak, it's vital to have a bag that can keep up. If we seem a little geeky about bags, it's because we are. A small part of your job is 100% ours.

Since your work bag is a key part of your professional attire, it should have character. Never flashy or gaudy. Also, it ought to keep your work materials organized so it makes your job and life simpler. Lastly, it has to be strong enough to haul all of your gear. We have endeavored to find the perfect work bag and chatted with professionals from coast to coast. In doing so, we have pioneered an intentional design resulting in a small, handcrafted collection of bags for both men and women. Which one do you choose? Here are some pointers to get you started in the right direction!

How Do You Use Your Work Bag?

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We have a wide range of customers that use our bags. They range from entrepreneurs, bike messengers, pastors, stockbrokers... not everyone needs the same bag. What do you need from your bag? How do you get to work? Do you travel a lot and will use it on trips?

A new work bag is a great place to step it up and make a good investment in your career. Answering those questions will help you choose between a heavy, durable satchel with lots of hardware embellishments or a slim bookbag.

Make an Investment in Durability

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Your bag doesn't have to be in the thousands, but choosing a high-quality bag is crucial. Don't just invest your money, invest some time and research! Look into brands and styles that will work best for you in the long run. Between, iPads, laptops, work presentations, keys, and workout clothes...If you're lugging around all sorts of stuff on the daily, a durable bag is the only way to go. Choose classic, refined styles that can adapt to any work environment.

An investment-worthy piece comes with durable hardware, exterior pockets for quick-reach items, and interior organization. We suggest our Rolltop Satchel Leather Laptop Bag for freelancers and full-timers alike because the lightweight design allows you to carry just about anything into work. It's got more space than you could ever need - in handcrafted full-grain leather no less.


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Look for convertible handles and straps on your new bag. You don't want to end up slanted and schlubby because your bag isn't ergonomic. It's best if it can be carried two ways- in your hands and over the shoulder. Long office hours aren't made any easier by a clunky bag that's uncomfortable to hold.

Our waxed canvas and leather briefcase line is a great example of versatile features: they have recessible handles tucked away in transit and a shoulder strap to bear the load if you feel so inclined. Also, when looking at straps and handles, look for extra support and padding along key stress and contact points. We chose to reinforce our bags with hand-pounded rivets and unbreakable hardware. We also added padding along the straps for comfort. What does your bag have?

Choose an Interior that Suits Your Needs

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A bag with a pocket packed interior isn't necessarily better than a streamlined one with an open design. It all depends on your needs and how you use it. If you carry loads of tech that needs to be protected, you may want the ultra-organized Attaché. It's like a personal assistant in bag form.

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In the same vein, we suggest our leather messenger bag because of its unique interior design. It's a bright orange color, so it's easy to find your things. For a vertical option, check out its sibling, the Field Bag. Our signature orange lining elevates each bag into a coveted work accessory that you'll have for the rest of your career.

Also, good to go for a brand that has quality leather and has a great repair team. We'll cover your PQ bag for the next 25-years. If anything goes awry, we'll get in for a repair, and send it back to you. You'll need to keep your investment in fighting trim!

Chained to Your Laptop?

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Looking for a great way to carry your virtual office around? Let's face it, most mobile office setups are equal parts hideous and unfunctional. We've spared you the typical trip to a big-box store only to find an ugly mass-produced design that's bulky and overly-armored up. No thank you. This full-grain leather laptop bag is a favorite among our customers, is a protective leather bag that can take any workload. It's weatherproof, has UV-resistant stitching, and plenty of pockets. From its nickel hardware all the way down to the reinforced strap, this bag packs a powerful punch.

slim leather satchel bag for journals and iPad

For a pared down, budget-friendly alternative, we suggest our slim satchel. We also love the leather iPad bag because of its slim profile and the organized interior that tackles notepads, pens, and tech. They're great for interviews and important meetings that don't require your entire fleet of tech to accompany you.

Get The Perfect Laptop Bag

It can be hard to find something that's not flimsy, cheap, bulky, or too pricey. Instead, look for functionality, fit, tech abilities, and if it can keep pace with your lifestyle. That's why we have dedicated our lives to designing great bags for great men. We have a wide variety to suit the needs of all kinds of people. Do you have your eye on something in particular? Great! Use the code PQ16 to save 10% off, and begin your rugged-yet-refined journey with your new, perfect laptop bag. We're thankful that you're here, welcome to the PQ Family!

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