If your wallet looks like a Seinfeld punchline, then it's time to upgrade. Not only does it quite literally hold your identity, but a wallet speaks to your character. Make sure you're sending out the right message with the right wallet.

Why Should You Buy a Leather Wallet?

why buy a leather wallet

Let's talk materials for the perfect wallet. Cotton and synthetic fabrics are okay options, but they'll wear out faster and start to show their age rather quickly. Leather is the best option.

However, there are many types of leather, and it can be hard to choose and overwhelming. Think of it in terms of building a house, would you build a house out of plywood or oak? The same concept carries over to wallets, don’t fall ones that claim to be “genuine” leather...They're genuinely flimsy. Not all wallets are created equal and we craft our wallets out of the best leather on the market, American full-grain leather. It is from the thickest, most sturdy part of the hide. Full-grain leather is an ultra-durable material that can actually handle the everyday carry. Part of the beauty of leather is its the aptitude for taking on character over time, and nothing shows a beautiful patina like natural leather over the years.

Types of Wallets

Each wallet offers a new way to store daily essentials like cash, cards, and IDs. We designed our wallets to be tailor-made for the individual and their lifestyles. Whether you are an on-the-go businessman, a parent, an intrepid traveler, or all of the above, there is a wallet out there for you.

Classic Bi-Fold Leather Wallets

Best Leather Wallets for Men

The bi-fold is a timeless wallet, beloved by executives and hipsters alike. It can be chameleon-like, fitting in anywhere from barbecues to boardrooms. The leather on this men's leather bifold wallet is soft to the touch and comes with just the right amount of slots for daily use. With a classic style, everyday functionality, the Journeyman can handle both cash and cards with none of the bulk. The rounded corners guarantee a comfortable fit, no matter which pocket it resides in.

The Best Slim Pocket Wallets

most functional wallet

An ugly wallet bulge can totally ruin the clean lines of a look. This thin wallet with perfect front pocket fit & a money clip was made for the guy who loves tailored suits and slim slacks. Finally, a minimalist wallet that doesn't sacrifice function for efficiency. The push-through aperture allows for quick access to your main card. Then, the pull-tab is perfect for getting into the interior pocket, no more digging! The back of the wallet acts as storage for cash.  Lastly, it's finished off with our parachute-grade stitching and signature orange accent to polish off this work of art. It's a thin wallet with perfect front pocket fit and money clip.

The Right Passport Travel WalletBest Men's Travel Wallet

Taking off? This is the wallet you’ll want to have handy for getaways. Traveling abroad can be stressful, but our Classic Leather Passport Wallet takes a load off with plenty of room for important docs, boarding passes, and of course, your passport. The quadrilateral passport slot secures it in place without any hassle. There's even a hidden coin pocket inside to ensure any and all errant change ends up where it ought to. This protective passport leather wallet is a must-have for globetrotters.

The Ideal Credit Card Wallet

Best Overall Wallet

This expanding leather credit card wallet for men is incredibly versatile. Heading out for the night? Easily pair it down to just the essentials. When you're ready to load up again, the Camden will easily expand to accommodate more cards. It's the perfect blend of all our wallets, and we are so proud of our craft, we warranty it for the next decade.

How to Select the Right Wallet for You

Choosing the right wallet goes beyond what happens to strike your fancy at that moment. We recommend factoring in your daily wardrobe. If you wear jeans most days, then go for a light leather and let it soak up some denim coloring and wear in the pursuit of a well-earned patina. If you wear suits, try a traditional dark finish for a more sophisticated style. Both black and brown are classic, luxurious colors that are versatile in many environments. Contrast stitching and signature accents brighten up the mundane and allow you to stand out in a crowd.

We'd also suggest purchasing a wallet with minimal patterns or branded logos. The artisans who craft it will take pride in it, but without ostentatious labeling. Your wallet is an extension of yourself, not an advertisement.

Lastly, before you make the switch to a new one, pare down what you carry in your wallet. It's unnecessary and unwise to carry around important documents like medical cards or social security cards. Keep any pesky memberships or tickets in your iPhone's Passbook.

Overall, putting thought into selecting the proper wallet is well worth it. The best wallet is one that meets all your needs, has excellent craftsmanship, and is backed a fantastic warranty. Our wallets fit that bill (pun intended) quite nicely. We back all of them with a 30-day money back promise and a 25-year warranty. Check out our artisan-made, versatile, wallets today!

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