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The Apple Watch is ubiquitous and essential to daily life. However, different settings call for different bands. Would you wear your gym shorts to a board meeting? Didn't think so, and just like our clothes, the Watch needs some variety. Have you ever wondered how to change an Apple Watch Band? If so, then worry not. It's a breeze to swap out your Apple Watch band, and soon you'll be a total pro at it. Changing your Apple Watch Band is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Press Band Release Buttons

change band on apple watchTo get started, you'll want to take your current band off. Then flip it over so that you can see the underside. It doesn't really matter if you start which side you start with, either the longer end or shorter. With the sensors facing you, take the Apple Watch in hand, and press down on the band release button.

Pro-tip: If you can see the notch, but are having trouble getting it to release, a pencil eraser can do the trick, just be gentle!

Step 2: Slide Off Apple Watch Band

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With your free hand, you'll then slide the band off. Since you did so well the first time around, go ahead and repeat the above steps for the other portion of the band.

Step 3: Slide On New Apple Watch Band

change band on apple watch

Then, with your new band in hand, go ahead and slide the lugs into place. There ought to be an audible "click", letting you know it's in place. Repeat it on the other side, sliding it onto the lug and listening for it to settle into the right position.

And Finally...

Last but certainly not least, enjoy your new beautiful Apple Watch style!

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FAQ: Troubleshooting a New Apple Watch Band

  • How do I know if my band is installed right?

Take a look at the way it feeds through the buckle and branding. On our bands, if you're able to see the discreet artisan signature or the PQ branding with the Watch face up, you have it installed upside-down. No worries, just press the release and give it another shot.

  • How do I customize my Apple Watch?

You're in the right place. Feel free to check out our leather bands and Apple Watch accessories. If you really want to spruce it up, our pals over at MacRumors made a lovely tutorial on how to change the Apple Watch's face.

  • What kind of Apple Watch band should I buy?

When shopping for a new band, you'll want to make sure you're getting the right size. Once you determined if you have a 38mm or a 42mm Apple Watch, the search is on.

When starting out, we recommend having at least 2 bands. One for workouts, and one for daily professionalism. The best workout bands are made of a silicone blend, Nike makes a great one called the Sport Band. For everyday adventures, we recommend our full-grain leather bands for the Apple Watch. They offer a refined yet enduring appeal that is sure to impress.

If you're traveling soon, you'll need a place to corral all of your cords and bands. Our Techfolio is a stylish yet protective case for the Apple Watch and its gear.

  • Are Apple Watch Bands interchangeable?

Absolutely. Series 1,2, and 3 all feature the same external dimensions, lugs, and release mechanisms. You can upgrade your Watch but keep all of your favorite bands.