Holidays have their limits

I understand the idea that the holidays start far too early. Christmas trees at Target being erected in September is a bit excessive, no doubt. The Holiday season should happen roughly around, well, the actual holiday dates between Thanksgiving and New Years. At the PQ household this is not considered a general concept, it’s a strict rule.  Mrs. PQ officially bans all holiday music, any forms of decoration, even the singing of carols until 12:01 on November 25th.


No doubt the oldest daughter Quill and I have attempted to breach these strictly enforced rules with very little success. She likes eating and I like my bed more than the couch.  What’s wonderful is that after 12:01 we could not think of a better person to spend the holidays with than Mrs.PQ. All holiday related activities commence in full force!  Music begins non-stop, decorations are brought down from the attic and all electronic devices are synchronized to assure everyone is up to speed on the festivities.  Mrs. PQ kicks all this off with the “Black Friday Acquisition Operations” (BFAO).  She scans the papers, gets the latest web updates, gets tents and winter camping gear in hand and heads out ridiculously early.


The BFAO has carried over to Pad and Quill. We make beautiful handmade book bindery cases for iPads, iPhones, Kindles and more. Truth be told, we have succumbed to the craziness that is the Black Friday holiday kick off. Watch for some fairly amazing sales on cases like the Octavo for iPad 2, Contega for iPad 2 and other specials!


-Mr. PQ