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Everyone wants to give the perfect gift. Something that will make someone’s face light up and fill them with enough warm fuzzy feelings to ward off any and all cold winter winds. But suddenly it's December 20th and you still haven't found 'The One' (and no curious family members not that One). Often during the rush and bustle of the holidays, finding a gift that isn't just junk to add to the pile, feels like an especially large burden. But as long as you stay away from deranged Easter bunny costumes and follow these tips, you'll be ready for some very merry holiday fun.


Find Holiday Gifts Especially for Them

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The key to the perfect gift is that it’s truly something they will enjoy for years to come. If it costs less than a burrito and looks about as sturdy as one, it's definitely not something they will enjoy for very long, if at all. You want a gift for them that they will truly enjoy. And if you're not sure, you can always find them a gift card to their favorite store so they can pick out something they will truly love.

It’s just as important that the gift is truly for them. While it may feel tempting to buy your loved one that one movie you love, in the spirit of gift-giving, it is unequivocally not about you. Find out their likes/dislikes and things that would truly give them joy. If this means dragging them around the mall and trying to determine what they want without giving it away, so be it. Whatever you choose for them, let it be something for them to make memories with for years to come.

A Holiday Gift to Inspire

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If your loved one has shown a special passion in photography, writing or cross-country skiing, encourage them with a gift that will help them further their passions. It can feel easy to just pick out a pair of new mountain bike wheels for your loved one without a second thought. But putting a little effort in can lead to amazing success when trying to find something they will absolutely love.

Whether it’s a new cover to keep their laptop safe or sturdy bag for their travels, if you give with love, they’ll know. You can just as easily gift an experience for them that the two of you can enjoy together. A special surprise trip to the mountains or beach day can be a great holiday gift for the both of you to enjoy. Plus you don't have to break the bank by finding local hotspots for the two of you to enjoy.

Making Holiday Gift Cards Special

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While gifts of all varieties are appreciated, it’s sometimes just as nice to have a holiday gift that offers a plethora of options. While gift cards often get harped on for requiring little to no thought, it’s often the best gift to give for an especially tricky friend/family member/loved one. Gift cards can also be paired with a special home-made letter or treat to make them feel extra special. With a little bit of creativity and a few crafty supplies, you can have the perfect gift to give to everyone. Whether that's cooking up some of Grandma's famous gingersnaps or crafting your own unique spiked eggnog, when you give with love, they'll know.

Gift an Experience, Create a Memory

holiday gift giving guide

Here at Pad & Quill, we love the holiday season. Making memories together is one of our most cherished traditions and we love the experience of finding and giving the perfect gift. The holiday season may seem stressful and in the business of everything it can feel like a hassle to take the time to find a meaningful gift. But with a little time a drop of creativity, the perfect gift is only a few clicks away. Just maybe avoid the fruitcake this year.