Highschool Fires, Drama and iPhone 6

We received the unenviable broadcast text from the high school principal: do not panic, there was a small car fire in the parking lot, it’s been put out and no children were injured.  The wait begins.   Eventually, the subsequent text came from the driving kid assuring us that her car was just fine.  As the Tall, Lanky one just wrapped his role as Francisco Franco and an aristocrat in Evita; we’ve had enough drama in the house for now, we didn’t need to add burnt-out car to the list.


Since I rarely address my children by their given name, unless they are in trouble, I simply had to look up “tall, lanky one in Spanish”.  Alto Lago wasn’t terribly inspiring so it won’t likely christen an iPhone 6 design, no matter how phabulous the phone might be.


Waiting and drama efficiently summarize the mood at Pad and Quill world headquarters these days.  With Angela Ahrendts taking over the helm of retail and online stores at Apple, we of course are curious if she will bring a sense of Burberry and Donna Karan to Apple or if Apple will remain married to it’s sleek, techno plastic, metal and glass visage.  Apple certainly redesigned the shopping experience for the consumer, so it will be intriguing to see what her influence will bring about.


iPhone 6 rumors abound, it sounds like I have until about September to complete my iPhone 5s education.   Daunting, however, I did discover that in addition to a trusty flashlight I also now have a $500 compass and a GPS system.  The later being magnificent because we’ve discovered geo caching and the wonder of getting lost without being lost in the wild woods.


We’ve not seemed to break from the grasp of winter quite yet, so it’s chicken potpie for dinner, recipe courtesy of Tyler Florence and my iPad Mini propped in a Contega Linen case,  a combo that’s an excellent choice for the grad or dad in your life.