Hecho en Mexico

mexico trip

There are seasons in life, and the past 20 years have been a season I’d call the diapers to braces season. While Mr. PQ and I had every intention of seeing the world, even booked a tour of Europe as a celebration for completing college, the good Lord and oldest kid had other ideas, so as I shopped careers the end of senior year, I also shopped for cribs, strollers etc. Each time I began researching travel brochures, another quill happened on the scene. Not to be deterred by the growing population of our family, I dragged our tribe to the four corners of North America, loving every experience. However, I still wanted to see the world beyond the pages of a book or someone else’s slideshow.
So, when Mr. PQ said he wanted to travel to Mexico to visit our tannery and manufacturer that is supplying some of our amazing leather dry goods, I was eager for the opportunity. One, because I’d finally get to use my passport, and two because I wanted to meet and experience the people who help us design and craft some of our products.
We arrived in central Mexico, home to the largest leather suppliers in the Western Hemisphere. It is a beautiful country and as we’ve spent the past four days working along side our partners, eating with employees in their cafeteria, talking with designers, touring tanneries and factories, and finding the same level of attention to detail and hard work our employees invest at home.

mexico design

At one point as we chatted with a line worker, bent over a Little Pocket Book. She was so immersed in the wrapping and pleating process. My impulse was to grab her up in a hug and thank her for her diligence. We are so blessed to be working with this group of people from Alvaro our lead designer to Raul the amazing prototyping specialist.
The first 20 years may have been more about bandaids and homework with the kiddos. The next 5-10 seem to indicate my passport gets some serious stamp action. I know Brian mentioned we have sourced some waxed canvas in Scotland...sounds good dear.