Some friends of mine and I were recently discussing our adventures with surfing, focusing primarily on the times when, having been rolled by a wave, we exited the surf with significantly less clothing on then when we entered. Being as we were all wearing bikinis at the time, there isn't much modesty remaining when a significant amount of your clothing is shredding down the beach with the returning tide. We all agreed that about the only antidote to death by embarrassment (bar ass just shouldn’t be the formative part of that word) was to observe someone else in the same predicament. Never underestimate the value of a sympathetic soul.

I have recently grown a very sympathetic soul for grannie panties. Not because I have aged up to that category of lingerie, but rather because a few of our customers have been blighted by this affliction of their iPhone case. At least that is what they have taken to calling the over stretching of the elastic band on their Little Pocket Book, Luxury Pocket Book, or any of the many products we sell that enclose by this method.

At Pad & Quill, we strive to source materials that are durable, functional and beautiful. However, just as those silky sundries the senior gals don in the locker room at my local gym tend to fail under consistent duress, so too will some elastic bands begin to show age and wear.

Which is why we offer the PQ public a repair service. Dawn the Queen of Fulfillment deftly replaces cracked wood, destickified adhesive tape and most importantly granny panty elastic bands. Our crack customer service staff, who recently revealed to us the secret handshake that allows you to send a “mooning” emoticon via Skype, will be happy to inform you the procedure for initiating a repair or advise you if replacement parts can be mailed to you gratis.

While iPhone 6s and 6S Plus are about to be unveiled to the public, there are still those who will remain faithful to their 4’s and 5’s, for you frugalians, this post is for you.


Mrs PQ