Good Idea: maximize your time by fitting in a workout between training clients.

Bad Idea: Leave your work out clothes at home.

Good Idea: Decide to do your weight sets in spite of wearing your personal trainer uniform pants. Should work, you move in multiple planes while training clients, how is this any different?

Bad Idea: Going with “should work”

Good Idea: Walking lunges with arms extended overhead and holding a 35 pound weight to build stabilizer muscles for hiking and rock climbing.

Good Idea: Listening to a sweeping rendition of Con Te Partiro on your iPhone 6 while doing said lunges.

Bad Idea: pay no attention to static sound that has never been present in this piece before.

Good Idea: don’t allow distractions to interrupt your workout, keep lunging.

Bad Idea: Keep lunging until you realize that “static noise” was really your work pants splitting open from crotch to knee, exposing you for all the world to see.

Good Idea: remembering to throw on jammers when you got dressed as a little extra insurance against wardrobe malfunction.
Insurance that anticipates wardrobe malfunction is priceless when walking down the hallway at the Y with your leg gaping out of your work pants.

The other day I read a great article at The Loop Insight about Apple iPhone 6s upgrade program. I’d summarize UP like this: The iPhone 6s upgrade program is essentially like leasing a car, except Apple provides the insurance against theft or damage via Apple Care and you can opt up to newer model without breaking your lease. Seems like a win win for Mr. PQ who can’t resist an technology upgrade.

Mr. PQ also can’t resist redundantly dropping his iPhone 6 Plus from his desk, the table, his Jeep, all just to prove the point to me that our new leather Traveler Case for iPhone 6s/6s Plus is indestructible.

Being trained in the detection of concussions, I would highly recommend the average person not drop their iPhone repeatedly to prove this point, Apple Care or not. An iPhone has no neck muscles and doesn’t wear a bite guard, so I can just see it’s poor little brains getting squished around with each impact like it’s been popped by an NFL linebacker.

Being popped by an NFL linebacker is a bad idea, just ask Peyton Manning.

Buying a gorgeous leather iPhone 6s/6s Plus from Pad & Quill is quite possibly the best good idea you could have all day.


Mrs PQ