Are you there God? - Musings of Mrs.PQ

Pad & Quill is going through some growth changes and this has reminded me of my own awkward transitions.  The passing through of eight middle school springs now, I’ve noticed a certain trend associated with the greening of the landscape and the return of song- birds from the south.  The inevitable homework assignments beseeching a parent to walk down the tortured, awkward, memory lane of their pre pubescent youth.


“Who taught you health?”


The gorgeous 6th grade substitute that all the girls had a crush on, who later decided to teach “health” to my best friend’s mom and well, that was awkward.


“Mom, I can’t write that!”


“Who were your friends?”


I was so shy I was left choosing between the girl who spoke in a self-invented language somewhat akin to Farsi and the boy who ate paste.  Since I was no linguist, I chose paste boy.   As I was ravenously hungry all the time, it worked out ok.




“How did you feel about how you looked?”


I was a skinny, flat-chested tomboy.  The one effort I made to correct this failed miserably.  Taking a cue from Margaret of, Are you There God? fame, I borrowed a bra from my mom but stopped short of stuffing it. My attempt at a feminine figure fell far short, so instead of looking like one of Charlie’s Angels, I looked like some disgruntled animal had burrowed under my shirt and died.


“uggh Mom!


“Did you have pimples?”




“Did you get along with your parents?”




“Did you do well in school?”


Sort of, the shyness part was certainly a detriment.


He asked a few more questions and scribbled some notes.  I went and mixed a drink happy for once that this kids atrocious spelling would keep him out of trouble.



Here at Pad & Quill, as we pass through the adolescent faze of an start up, when so much can seem uncertain and mistakes can seem to out number success it’s good to have the perspective of a parent, knowing that the right input of hard work, integrity and staying true to one’s core beliefs can grow a company.   Within this season of company introspection, we’ve built a great, solid team around us, we have some amazing new products in our supply chain and we are greatly looking forward to bringing resplendently beautiful, wonderfully functional products to our customers.