We Give - Mrs. PQ

Summer is officially underway, and sadly, I am already underwater.  I’ve typically hit my summer groove a few days before the urchins take their last exam, but this year the final exams were more herculean then usual and we were sprinting and stumbling right up to the final day.


I plotted math education and reeducation with a friend over coffee and deduced that with a little effort my one child might actually graduate from high school and therefore from my basement after all.


Rowing season began with a two-hour practice and ended with the consumption of a large pizza, half a pound of grapes and a pint of chocolate milk.  Hence, Feed My Starving Children takes on a whole new meaning.


In the Pad and Quill household, after we pay the employees and Uncle Sam, the vendors and the merchants, the mortgage broker and the guy who keeps the lights on, but before we buy clothes or dinner out, we give.  I swallow my food easier when I know we’ve taken food from our plates and placed it on another’s.  We play more joyfully knowing we’ve afforded a reprieve from the streets for a kid to go to camp.  We learn more completely when our learning includes teaching others.


So, we give.  And that is one of the most exciting things about watching our company grow.  As you our customers invest in our products, we in turn can feed hearts, minds, tummies and spirits.