At Pad & Quill, we use very high-quality full-grain bridle leathers in all our bags and leather iPhone and iPad cases. Full-grain leather is an amazing thing, it is extra thick, super durable, and among the highest quality of leather available. Our full-grain leather is of the "pull-up leather" variety. This leather has waxes, dyes, and oils deeply impregnated in it instead of being painted or coated with color. This process gives the leather a beautifully rich color & depth. You will find this leather used on the highest quality couches, leather jackets, boots, and of course, our all of our leather bags.

One of the best features of our full-grain pull-up leather is that it ages with you and develops a stunning patina over time. High-quality pull-up leather scratches. That is a fact of life. With use, these scratches build up over time, blend together, and soften into a unique and gorgeous patina.

However, not everybody likes scratches on their leather, or maybe there are one or two unsightly scratches you want to remove. Read on for our tips on removing scratches from leather, and how to get scratches out of pull up leather.

Elbow Grease & Friction

repairing scratches in leather

If you want to remove light scratches from your leather, sometimes all it takes is a little elbow grease. Pull-up leather is full of super refined beeswax and oils, these oils will move around with friction. So if you have light scratches you don't particularly like, then rub the scratch vigorously with your fingers. The oils from your fingers, along with the friction and heat that builds up will move the color around in the leather often erasing light scratches entirely.

Elbow Grease & Leather Balm

leather balm for scratched leatherIf rubbing the leather with your fingers didn't remove the scratches enough, then you can try some of our Leather Balm. This is a specially formulated emulsion of beeswaxes and moisturizing oils that refresh full grain leather beautifully. To apply, simply follow the instructions on the container, or read our article on how to care for leather. Rubbing this balm into the leather will help to lessen the effect of many scratches immediately. If you don't see immediate results, don't worry. The oils saturate deep into the leather and over time they can completely erase many light-to-medium scratches as well.

Hairdryer & Leather Conditioning Oil

leather oil for getting scratches out of leatherIf friction from your fingers and the leather balm doesn't fix the scratches in your leather to your satisfaction, there is still one more way we recommend. Take a hairdryer on medium and gently heat up the area that has scratches on it for 10-15 seconds (be careful you don't burn the leather by heating it for too long or on too high of a heat). This will heat up the waxes, oils, and dyes within the leather so they can move more easily.

When the leather is warmed up a bit, apply a little of our Leather Conditioning Oil to a soft, dry cloth and rub the scratch with small circular motions as is detailed in our leather care article. Repeat the process as necessary. With a little patience, you should be able to completely repair the scratched area, and restore your leather to its original glory!

Embrace The Patina

getting scratches out of leather

Of course, the true beauty of full-grain pull-up leather is that it changes and ages with you. Over time scratches naturally soften and change, certain areas of the leather get distressed and lighten or darken with use, and all of this combines to make a beautiful latticework that develops into a patina, making your leather as unique as you are.

We recommend not worrying too much about the marks on your leather and, instead, embracing them, letting them age naturally, and letting the patina tell your own one-of-a-kind story.