Fireworks, Tans and Pencils

A 'PSA' from Mrs. PQ.


There is a certain craziness in the air when retailers begin stocking back to school supplies next to the aisle of clearance red, white and blue bunting, patriotic frosting and leftover fireworks.  There isn’t a kid I know who wants to trade in the sun-tanned, mosquito-bitten, Kool-Aide-smile life of summer for the hard desk chair, homework every night, life of fall on July 5th.   However, retail drives the rhythms of life at least for one mid summer afternoon at the Pad & Quill household because Mrs. PQ knows if you don’t jump on the school supplies in July you will be paying full retail in August.


With four kids to equip with pencils, notepads, and clothes, (god forbid we can’t forget the clothes), there are no greater phrases then “discount” and “sale” when it comes to shopping.  Except perhaps, “Mom, I need a new backpack, can we go to REI?”


At Pad & Quill we feel your back to school purchasing pain, especially for those with kids heading back to the higher institutions of learning.  So we have some “Sale” and “Discount” goodness for you.


Our Cartella case is perfect for protecting that Macbook Air and also will make the college or professional kid of your life look quite amazing.  Our various handcrafted iPad and iPhone cases also fit the bill for protection, practicality and of course beauty.  For a limited time, use this code for a great deal on any of our cases.  BT88


Now if I can just figure out why we have about 6 reams of left over paper from last year...


Mrs. PQ