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You’ve reached the point where your reliable old bag can’t possibly last another minute. The straps are fraying, the bottom is nearly worn through and its original color is indistinguishable. But search through the internet and there will be more bags to choose from than new Fast and Furious movies. At Pad & Quill, we’ve crafted a full lineup of multifunctional bags for the professional, the adventure-seeker and everything in between. Picking the perfect multi-functional bag will feel like a breeze with these helpful tips here.

The Classic Messenger

leather messenger satchel bag

Evolving as a mail-carrying bag from ancient times and onward, the Messenger Bag is perfect for travel, work and everything in between. By and large, the defining piece is its shoulder strap, that can easily be converted from single shoulder to crossbody with a simple extension. With a quick access pocket, the essentials are always close at hand. Plus its interior includes perfect storage pockets and a secure interior compartment for keeping everything from your laptop to wallet safe and sound. Moreover it's the perfect multifunctional bag for the professional on the go.

The Traditional Briefcase

multifunctional bag

As lawyers prepared briefs to bring to court, they needed a bag that could carry their essentials while still maintaining a professional appearance. Enter in the Briefcase. From its origin, the classic briefcase has always been a perfect professional bag. With handles and a shoulder strap, it has easy conversion carrying techniques. Plus, inside you’ll find plenty of dividers and internal pockets for multifunctionality. Overall, it’s the go-to tech bag for professionals. In multiple sizes, the briefcase is the perfect multifunctional bag for carrying everything you need from the courtroom to courtside.

The Slim Field Bag

multifunctional bag

Initially called the haversack, the Field Bag has had a storied history, carrying essentials in a slim and light design. In modern times, it’s turned into the perfect slim tech bag. While sitting perfectly on the hip, it has a low profile vertical design perfect for the city-liver. With a single shoulder strap that can easily be lengthened and shortened and pulled cross body, it’s the bag for everyone. Add a leather flap to help secure it’s interior contents and it becomes a perfect travel bag.

The Multi-Purpose Roll Top

leather multifunctional bag

With it’s cinched roll design, the Roll Top Leather Backpack is the perfect bag to invest in for travelers and professionals alike. First, the weatherproof roll-top closure can carry anything and everything you need. While a side-zipper allows easy access for essentials. Above it all, there's plenty of room to carry everything you need and then some. Ditch the excess and carry a single perfect travel bag.

The Essential Backpack

canvas backpack

There’s no surprise that children and adults alike carry a backpack. The multifunctional Backpack with its roomy interior, exterior pockets, and dual shoulder straps is the perfect bag for travel and business alike. Furthermore, it's built to carry well with a cinch top for easy access. Consistently tech-friendly for carrying your MacBooks, iPads and more. With its side pockets mean you can reach for your water bottle, newspaper or other objects with ease.

The Perfect Tote

women tech bag

Looking for a perfect bag that can go from tech to beach in a few moments? The Tote Bag is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. From the water-bottle strap inside to the flexibility for fitting everything, it is the perfect everyday bag. A stylish addition to any wardrobe, you can take your tote from business to casual and save space to boot. Additionally its a multifunctional bag with the space to prove it, perfect for any lifestyle.

Find the Perfect Multifunctional Bag Today!

multifunctional bag

Finding the perfect multifunctional bag can feel like an impossible task at times. Besides, who wants to shell out good money on a bag that will just fall apart a few months later? Here at Pad & Quill, we put quality first. With the best materials at hand, each bag is hand-crafted to perfection. Partner that with a 25-year leather warranty, and you have a bag that will last for years to come providing functionality at every step of the way.

Bring home your own bag today at Pad & Quill!