Dry Goods Crafted by Pad & Quill

It’s a gray, chilly day here in Pad & Quill land.  Ice is forming at the edges of lakes and solidifying ponds, encouraging the remaining waterfowl to sequester and follow the gray-haired snow birds south.  It’s a chill that defies overcoats ands sweaters, and immobilizes hands.  It also invigorates double coated dogs, and so I found myself at the local dog park with Bear the psuedofox.  It’s my forty minutes of solitude away from iPhones and Aria’s, spreadsheets and ledgers.  It’s his forty minutes to be all canine, racing and romping with any of a dozen other friends, sans the restraints of a leash.  It’s a thing of beauty fashioned by nature. Then nature collides with reason when frozen hands and the office beckon and the mutt decides to become the official greeter for each dog entering the park.


Designing new products is somewhat akin to the dog park experience, whereby “twenty” minutes of poor quality control can become the bane of “forty” minutes of design and craftsmanship.  With the design process of our new line of bags we sought to marry the best of natural beauty with the precision of excellent craftsmanship, because we know luxurious leather can travel miles upon miles so long as it’s stitched together with parachute grade nylon and the integrity of seamsters that have generations of sewing in their families.  Quality such as this ages like dog years, in reverse.  We thoughtfully designed each bag to neatly hold power cords, writing implements, files and of course your trusty Apple device.


Our bags are imbedded with personality from the inside, where burnt orange brings a splash of color and illuminating functionality (in other words, you can find your stuff at the bottom because it doesn’t disappear into mirky blackness), out, where our signature bookmark is discreetly incorporated.  If you’re looking to invest in a bag that will travel like a trusty companion, that won’t break down just as you’ve begun to delight in it’s artistry, then we invite you to try the new Pad & Quill Messenger, Field and Satchel bag.


Crafted, by Pad & Quill


Mrs PQ