Dry Case for iPhone


“Hey Mom, what’s this?” queried the older son as he plopped down in the front seat. “It’s my new running
armband for my iPhone.”
“How’s it work?” My amazingly tactile son is now pulling the valves and twisting the closure buttons of my waterproof Dry Case produced by Dry Corp LLC. In between stoplights I explained to him how to open the enclosure, slide your iPhone inside and siphon the air out. Of course the handy pump provided by Dry Case was in the back of the van, so he substituted by sucking the air out with his mouth. Hmmm.


So, let the product testing begin. I give it an A+ on functionality. The iPhone touch screen is fully accessible inside the case. My concern with bulk was non-founded as I didn’t notice the extra weight on my arm at all. There is no chance that I will test its water proof guarantee with my own iPhone, rather, I’ll use one of our warehouse broken units first. It performed admirably in today’s downpour during my 7 milenature center run. Being as the two middles are undertaking the sport of running, I have no doubt the case will be well tested before we decide to introduce it to our loyal customers.


A little side bar, the kids who interrupted me multiple times tonight to celebrate this longest day in the yard, to implore me to come look at the awesome double rainbow, and scream for my help in getting the dog back in the yard are more than willing to test other products, so go ahead and let your ideas flow! If it can survive our household, it’s pretty much indestructible.

- Mrs. PQ