Drop your Milk Duds, the Pad & Quill Air cases are here

Having been struck with a craving for remarkably decadent chocolate, I was compelled to make my way across the street to the local gas station. Truth be told, and no great surprise here, they don’t sell decadent chocolate at my local gas station. Indeed the average lunch purchase consists of 2 hot dogs, a 20oz Mountain Dew and a pack of Camels. Our little warehouse is located in a salty area of town which is about as likely to produce Fran’s delectable Salted Caramels as it is to have a bullet free night. But I was desperate, so Milk Duds it was and I sauntered back to my pseudo cubical.

The new iPad Air has been released and it is nothing short of stunning. Heavenly, salted caramels stunning. Then comes the case, a so called Smart Cover. iPad Air with it’s sublimely slender profile and pristinely clear retina screen, encased in plastic. I think I just choked on my milk duds. You might as well encase the Mona Lisa in a cheap Walmart frame.

When you invest in the iPad Air, you are purchasing technology, but you are investing in an experience. That’s why it only makes sense to commission a craftsman to build a case which enhances the experience. Fortunately for you, we shouldered the commissioning fee, hired the craftsman and designed cases that will entice your senses and embellish your persona.

At Pad & Quill we’ve covered all the bases. Want something self-propping? Try our Contega or Contega Linen for iPad Air. Our lightest, most durable propping case to date. Over the top luxury your style? The Aria is the case for you. Frankly doesn’t get more beautiful then french hemmed seams and full grain leather. You’re a minimalist at heart, then the brand new Walden series is in your wheel house. You prefer a blank canvas? We hand the design tools over to you with our Author’s Series. And, if you have been with Pad & Quill from the beginning and love our moleskin-ish journal, we’ve treeked the Octavo to match the utility and grace of the new Air.

Yes, it was just Halloween. Yes, the kid came home with 37 pounds of Milk Duds and assorted candy. There comes a time though, when calorie balance matters, when the plastic case really needs to be relegated to walks at the dog park and when you owe it to yourself to indulge your finer affections.

Mrs PQ