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One of the most popular words for 2020 has been disinfectant, thank you 2020 global pandemic. Here are 3 quick and simple ways to safely disinfect your iPhone or iPad. These 3 methods do not harm the surfaces of the devices and disinfect and destroy all harmful germs on the surfaces. With all that 2020 has brought us, easy methods to disinfect the Apple items you use daily is welcome news. 

The first method is not only simple but also Apple approved! Clorox wipes can be used to disinfect and remove harmful germs from your iPad or iPhone. A quick simple wipe-down on all exterior surfaces will remove any type of virus including Covid-19. One note is to be careful around speaker openings and charging ports around the device. Try to avoid pooling any of the disinfectant solutions from the ports. Also, if you have a moment you MUST check out this song by the Electronic group Chloreo - Clorox Wipe

A second convenient method is any type of common household cleaner. Lysol disinfectant spray is a perfect example. Find a clean, preferably lint-free cloth, and spray the cloth first not the iPad or iPhone. Wipe down your entire device with the dampened cloth. Again be careful around ports and openings to not pool up the liquid into these areas. This method is about as simple as it gets.  


PhoneSoap UV Light Disinfecting Charging Case

The third method is easy but comes at a price. The question you need to ask yourself is does blasting your iPhone with UV light to disinfect sound cool? If you're into that sort of thing then you need to check out the PhoneSoap. This little travel case will accommodate most iPhone sizes with sufficient UV light to destroy and eliminate any bacteria, viruses, and germs within about 10 minutes. The bonus on this little guy is that it will also charge your iPhone while it's in the case. At $99 it's not the cheapest method, but it sure is fun!

So there are 3 ways to quickly and simply disinfect the iPhone or iPad. Stay safe out there!