The Difference is in the cases

We get a question often from our customers, “what is the main difference between your handmade iPad cases?” The Contega, Octavo and Graduate Edition are all unique products that are designed for various tastes and practical needs.


The Contega is our flagship case. Self propping, rugged design and gorgeous materials.  The outer wrap is covered in Spanish bonded leather and lined with traditional bindery cloth.  The iPad is seated snug in our real wood frame and secured with our Sure Lock Bumper System. This case includes a hidden pocket, camera hole, smart cover on/off and a classic moleskine elastic closure. The Contega is both a practical case and work of art.


The Octavo is the lighter, thinner version of the Contega.  This iPad case is light weight and can be used in various positions.  Although not self propping like the Contega, this case is the same gorgeous Spanish leather and bindery cloth and includes all the other features. This is Mr.PQ’s favorite.


The Graduate Edition is our take on a true bindery cloth, spine wrapped book and our most affordable offering.  This one feels, smells and wears like a favorite old book. Comes complete with all the features of the Octavo.


The Octavo Luxury. Think Octavo then up it by 2 in luxurious boot like leather.  Covered in soft-stitched leather this case is absolutely gorgeous.  The wood frame that holds the iPad is even coated with extra coats of lacquer to deepen the beauty of the wood.  This one truly makes your iPad look unbelievable.


We find that different folks find each of these three cases fit their unique needs. The real difference in all of our cases is the PQ standard of quality.