how to keep ipad looking niceOur iPads serve as a hub of productivity and travel everywhere with us. They also pick up the germs, dirt, and grime from everywhere they go. Have you cleaned your iPad lately? Wondering what is the best way to clean your iPad? Wonder no longer! Here is a comprehensive guide to clean all things iPad from the screen to the ports and beyond. So, to get started, go ahead and unplug your iPad and turn it completely off...

How To Clean the iPad Screen and Chassis

how to get rid of fingerprints on ipad screenFirst, you'll want to remove your iPad from its' case. Then, you'll want to get a lint-free cloth and get it ever so slightly damp. Then, try to glide any permeable areas, such as the mic or speakers (we'll get to them in a second!). Gliding over those areas means you can avoid internal moisture. Regular water is perfectly up to the task of cleaning the iPad, please avoid cleaning your iPad with Windex, canned air, or aerosol sprays.

Also, it's best to steer clear of any abrasive cleaners or even ones that have hydrogen peroxide. Rubbing your screen with these materials might cause streaks, or scratches in the fine, delicate image display. If you've got a particularly stubborn spot, you might want to use some isopropyl alcohol wipes, they'll sanitize the screen and get off most forms of gunk. The iPad has an oleophobic coating on the screen, which means that it is pretty straightforward to remove any oils from your hands, but won't be harmed by a wipe down from the wipes.

How to Clean iPad Camera

ipad camera fuzzy Cleaning the camera is pretty similar to the screen, you'll need a slightly damp cloth or an alcohol wipe for caked on gunk. Be careful when you clean this area, your lenses zoom in and out and are extremely pressure sensitive. Also, we recommend wiping down the camera after the screen and body so that your cloth is a bit drier, as the camera is very delicate. Do not apply more than the bare minimum amount of pressure to clean your lens. Overdoing it can cause your camera to shutter incorrectly, or even break it. Just remember to be gentle, and you ought to be alright.

Also, while we are all for inventing your own solution, try to avoid using paper materials on your camera. They shed and can leave little bits of pilling along the entire body if your iPad and can affect your camera quality.

How to Clean iPad Speakers

ipad speakers blockedYour iPad speakers and microphone holes can collect dust, lint, and all sorts of things on its travels. The best way to clean these is with a super soft bristle toothbrush, we recommend a kids' toothbrush since it is especially soft and easier to maneuver around the smaller areas of the device. Carefully brush the ports of the speaker, mics, and even around the camera lens, to remove any detritus that has accumulated.

In order to make sure you've wrangled all the dust bunnies living on your iPad, you may want to follow up your brushing with an inch or two of painters tape. Gently press it over the speakers and mic to lift away any unwanted particles.

How to Clean iPad Smart Cover and Smart Apple Keyboard

how to clean smart keyboardTo clean your iPad Smart Cover/Smart Apple Keyboard, first, remove it from the iPad. Then, use your handy slightly damp lint-free cloth. Wipe the front of the Smart Cover / Case and the inside with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dirt. Don't use Windex, aerosol sprays, solvents, anything with ammonia, abrasives, or hydrogen peroxide in it to clean your case/cover as it is made of polyurethane.

How to Clean Your Linen iPad Case

how to clean fabric case

Linen cases are pretty low-maintenance and don't require too much. After removing your case, take a slightly damp cloth to wipe down your case. Use the lightest pressure you can, as scrubbing can cause the linen to wear prematurely. Then, allow it to dry overnight.

How to Clean Your Leather iPad Case

how to clean ipad leatherYour case is meant to gain a patina, but not any gross dirt. Your leather will deepen in color due to exposure to sunlight and handling. It's important to clean your leather case with caution, as the wrong materials may ruin the look and feel of your leather and patina.

To start out with, assess the level of cleaning you need to do. If you've got a splotch or a spill, usually, a clean cloth with some warm water and gentle handsoap will clean the leather. Don't scrub the area, it'll cause fading. Follow with a dry cloth and let it dry overnight. After a cleaning or about every quarter, we recommend nourishing your leather with some balm. It'll keep your leather plush and vibrant.

However, if you're finding that your leather overall appears dull, it needs a deeper clean and an oiling. Our leather oil and cleaner kit are intended to take away dust build up and restore your leather to its former glory. Simply apply the cleaner on a dry rag, and then follow up with oil. As a rule of thumb, keep your leather out of high amounts of heat, humidity, or sunlight. Exposure to such elements may alter the look and longevity of your case.

Defense Is The Best Defense

All devices ought to get a regular cleaning, but the best way to maintain your iPad's appearance is to protect it. Our full suite of leather iPad cases maintains the functionality and appearance of the iPad. Pick up one of our protective iPad cases today!

Do you have a super awesome iPad cleaning trick you've been keeping under your hat? Please do share it with us below!

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