Dad’s a Hero

I saw a truck the other day that advertised “Husband for Hire”. I took down the number.  Not because I’m looking to replace Mr. PQ any time soon, but because with all of the rigors of overseeing a new company and small business, there are a few hundred tasks around the household that have been put on delay. With the exception of a backed up sewer line, most of those tasks can be stayed for the time being with little impact on the household in general. This all got me thinking of the other “for hires” I’d like access to, such as “dog for hire” because while Ari the P&Q mascot is a noble beast, she’s basically good for about a mile walk before she prostrates herself in protest and you have to carry her. “Run me to rugby practice for hire” because the oldest Quill relinquished that post last week in pursuit of senior and new job responsibilities. “Massage my neck and shoulders at a moment’s notice, for hire” would be nice, and perhaps, finally, “clean the floor around the boys toilet for hire” would round out my day.


I did not include “clean out the wicked stench of rotting potatoes that were forgotten in the cupboard that turns into a sauna on the first hot day of spring for hire” because Mr. PQ took care of that one. “Dad’s a hero!” exclaimed the youngest Quill, which fairly well summarizes why you would never see a truck with “Dad’s for hire” emblazoned on the side. Simply put, a Dad just needs to be there, for rotten potatoes and spiders on the ceiling, ball tag in the street and dinner at 6. The list is endless, as are our thanks to all the Dads that take the time raise our next great generation.


With Father’s Day approaching, dozens of circulars are dropping into my email enticing me with great gift ideas and things to do to celebrate the Pater Familia. We at Pad & Quill would be honored if you would consider purchasing one of our handmade bookbindery cases for iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and the full Kindle line.


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-Mrs. PQ