Curated means?

I'm not always known as the grammar expert here at PQ. Not only does Mrs. PQ points this out, but occasionally a friendly customer. I had a general idea what 'curated' meant, but needed to back up with some authority so I went to the Internet...

According to, one of the definitions is the following:

"to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content"

That's about right, I'm going with it. Several months back we wanted to bring in a local artist to showcase their work on our Author Series for iPad Air and Mini cases. The search was not hard as Tamrah Ryan is a good friend of Pad & Quill and has a great eye for design.


Tamrah is a local photographer, business owner, wife and mom of 3 boys.  She recently opened her own Etsy Store (I know eCommerce guy, I'm not supposed to link to other stores then PQ, I don't care), so Check out her Etsy store! as it's filled with lovely curated vintage items that are worthy of purchase. I think you will see right away her passion for unique stuff.




We reached out to her and asked if she would mind pulling together some patterns, sifting through them and getting her favorite ones ready to present to our customers.  Sound like a familiar definition?

She began by researching and designing with our own Will Bowe some unique patterns that we could screen print on our tough bindery cloths.  The vision was something that would really make a statement and yet still remain refined. After many patterns she found the 5 worthy of being called 'Curated'.  These are all unique and quite gorgeous.  You can take any spine color or elastic and mix/match to create your very own case or a case for that someone special.

Here are two of my favorite patterns. Let us know what yours are in comments below!

Bright Red with Circles


French roast with Metallic Gold Quatrefoil


Again, take a look at Tamrah's Etsy store, pick up a unique gift then if you feel inclined come on back and check out her work on our Author cases as well.