That's a word I really love.  Crafted.  It lends to what Kari and I are all about. When your really thinking about what drives you, motivates you to get up and look through new designs and products I'm finding I can't get this awesome word out of my head!


Terms like 'handmade', 'designed', 'curated' are all great descriptions that we both have used in the past to describe our products.  But c'mon!  Crafted.  I mean, that says it all about what drives us and where we want Pad & Quill to go.  We love crafting the old with the new and we think when you do, something really amazing comes out on the other side.


Some examples you ask?  Sure!


We love crafting old with new regarding materials.  When we pick a material, we really think it through and drive our vendors crazy.  I assure you I've had some serious eye rolling because I don't pick the standard material, it has to be just right.  Recently I looked far and wide for a very tough buckram cloth that goes on the outside of our  Cartella Linen for Macbook Air. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW UGLY BUCKRAM CAN BE. Oh my word.


We wanted an old linen look and feel to the material that would last as well as it was lovely to hold. Tying old and new.  Not easy, but we found a gorgeous version of this material that feels like holding an old library volume.  I like it so much that some of our new iPad 5 cases will be covered with this buckram as well this fall.  (Yes, I'm assuming a new iPad 5 is coming)





Another example of 'Crafted' would be the new leathers that we are coming out with in a few months, but I'll get to that on the next post. :)  The images are amazing.



Mr. PQ