The Litmus Test at Pad & Quill

We are starting a 5 part blog series on our Pad & Quill litmus test. The litmus test is a series of 5 essential questions we, designers and manufacturers, must consider when crafting new products. Once we feel confident we have met these rules, the product can be burnished with our ampersand and brought to production, eventually becoming a valuable and beautiful part of our customers’ daily story.

We designed these internal rules to inspire new and unique luxury accessories, continually improve existing products, and push the boundaries of contemporary leather accessory designs. The litmus test helps us stay grounded in our pursuit of enduring products with thoughtful designs constructed of handmade quality.

The Pad & Quill Litmus Test

  • Is the Product made with handcrafted quality by well-trained artisans?
  • Have we created something that our discriminating friends and family would be proud to own?
  • Is our product organic, sourced from natural elements that endure, and in keeping with good stewardship of our environment?
  • Have we maintained our dedication to preserving what is valuable from the past while merging with the remarkable present technology?
  • Did we exhaust ourselves in the pursuit of excellence?

As we endeavor into our second decade as a small family business, we invite you to peek at the questions we ponder before heading to design and production in the upcoming posts. 

Thank you!



Mr. PQ