Coming home

We hope you Holiday season is going well!  We completely understand last minute shopping here at PQ.  Why, because I am one of the worst.  Just ask me if I have Mrs. PQ's gift yet.  Does having an idea around the concept count? So if your like me, we are now shipping same day on most cases for iPad, iPhone or Kindle.  They can still arrive at your home for Christmas!



Speaking of home, our eldest is returning from college this week. I believe it is not just to ask dad for more money either.  Seriously, I know she, Mrs.PQ and the rest of the crew can not wait to spend this long weekend together as a family.  Although our home dynamics have changed, the traditions around Christmas remain the same.  An evening of watching 'A Christmas Story', baking cookies, stuffing stockings and Christmas Eve service are some of the yearly holiday traditions we will be enjoying.  For various reasons, they seem to be more precious this year then in the past.



Kari and I are truly wishing your holiday season is filled with Joy and the Hope that this season represents.  Have a great Christmas.



Mr. PQ






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