“Mom, did you know it rains diamonds on Neptune?”


“Yep, the atmosphere is layers of methane, a carbon-hydrogen molecule (CH). The enormous pressure on the planet’s surface splits the molecule, leaving pure carbon, which is then transformed into diamonds; so it rains diamonds on Neptune and possibly on Saturn.”

Mom’s mind officially blown. You mean to tell me a substance that we covet and kill for on this planet rains freely on Neptune. That is some pretty nifty handiwork, and a good dose of perspective. What’s next, rivers of chocolate on the surface of Venus?

One of the most curious customer service questions our crackerjack team fields queries as to why the lines on all of our wood products such as Woodline Cases and Apple Watch Stands aren’t straight and uniform. Our response being that nature is not uniform! There is a little more handiwork going on in the pantheon of trees and foliage: the forces of atmosphere, climate, weather and millions of years of botanical evolution painting the lines and spots on every tree uniquely different, nature’s embrace of beautiful, global diversity.

While it may not be quite as impressive as singing in a rain shower of diamonds, beauty can be found everywhere, even in the unique fingerprint of lines of the tree that grace your Woodline case.

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